Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Am I Really A Former Mormon?

It is true that I once believed in the LDS faith. I was baptized, served a mission, married in the temple, fulfilled callings, yada, yada, yada. However, once I began to look inside myself I realized that I no longer believed it.

However, the only reason I was Mormon or even Christian in the first place is because I was born into it. I really didn't have a choice during my childhood as to what to believe. Now that I am an adult and am free to make my own choices, I choose to believe something else. That is why I am debating whether or not to call myself an ex-Mormon. Was I ever really a Mormon?

As far as my new belief system, I struggled for a while to form one. Then after a while I realized that there is no need for a belief system. Just because I happen to believe in something doesn't make it true. I believe there is one universal truth that applies to everyone. I'll write a different post on that sometime.

So I finally realized that I need to quit wasting my time believing in nonsense that has no proof whatsoever. I have no religious beliefs now, other than the belief in treating people the way I would want to be treated. But that is not really a religious belief because even most athiests believe that. I am not athiest, agnostic, or religious. I simply believe in being alive. I believe in understanding the world around us. I believe in self improvement. I believe in letting people believe whatever they want to believe.

I sincerely hope there is an afterlife where I can see loved ones again. But I'm not holding my breath. I figured that whether there is an afterlife or not, it will be all good. Here's why. If there is an afterlife, then great! I'll still be alive and will hopefully get to be with people I love. If I die and it is the end, or my soul ceases to exist, then I don't have anything to worry about anyway.

I was once in contact with a hardcore ex-Mormon (outright despise the church and strongly disbelieve in Christianity) who not only still believed in an afterlife, but had claimed to have had a near death experience. I've never had one, so I don't know.

Wow, I really got off the subject, didn't I?

I am planning to do some research on what people say about near death experiences, both those who have had them and also if science can provide an explanation.

I also want to do some research to see if there is any correlation between religious people and cancer rates. Wouldn't that be interesting to see?

I would also like to find out the origins of marriage. Religion, and therefore our society in general, claims marriage is essential. But I disagree. Animals don't get married. People can still pro-create without getting married. I fail to see where it is so essential. In fact, I believe it produces depression and anxiety.

Ok, now I've revealed all of my evil plans for world domination. Contributions welcome!

Just another evil apostate...


Peter Davidson said...

You may be very intrigued by what Mormons really think about Jesus...

Check out

Just another evil apostate... said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comment and the suggested link. You're my very first commenter so congratulations!

I take it you're the blog author, which is cool. Being a former member, I understand quite well what Mormons think about Jesus. Obviously, my views have changed to the point that I do not believe in him anymore.

However, your blog is decent because it does not contain too much Mormon propaganda. It actually focuses on Jesus, as it should.

If you have questions of me or want to engage in a debate or whatever, you're welcome to. If I am wrong, please show me.

Thanks again for your comment and I hope you'll stop by again.