Monday, October 15, 2007

I Never Said It Would Be Easy...

You have probably seen the quote that Mormons like to display, "I never said it would be easy; I only said it would be worth it." Actually, Jesus did say it was easy...

Matt. 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

That's a load of bullshit, at least if you are Mormon. I can't say as much for other religions because I have never lived and believed another religion. But I do know that being Mormon is anything but easy. There are demands upon demands. There are demands that are pre-requisites to other demands. There are demands that must be done again and again and again. Demands of your time, money, and talents. In the temple, one of the covenants you make is willingness to give anything and everything to the church if they demand it.

And they do.

Just another evil apostate...


Anonymous said...

now wait a second. if you are trying to insult the LDS church, you have failed. now it's your own business as to why you left your church, but before you begin insulting their beliefs understand your own sources.

" "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:30) Here Jesus is referring to the fact that by believing in Him you have a place in heaven, that's all it takes, you don't have to submit to the ways before, like the jews before Him, taking up sacrifices, following the jewish laws, etc. it is simple (easy), just Believe in Him. Therefore, in that sense, yes, "His yoke is easy and the burden is light." But he is only referring to your way to heaven, through Him. He is Not referring to life and the world we live in. However, the following passages more accurately depict what the quote,"He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it" is to mean:

Matthew 5:10 "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:11 "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." "

If you are trying to find fault in the church through quotes that aren't from revelation that's a very weak cause.

If you are trying to prove to others how life has "magically" become better because you're becoming atheist, you're contradicting yourself by believing in fate and therefore a higher being.

If you don't mind the painful flow of uncertainty as you lie on your deathbed saying to yourself, "this is it" than you don't deserve to live.

Life is too short and too fragile to devote your time to a blog out of spite, guilt, and anger.

Mormon411 said...

Hmmm, I'm sitting here debating with myself as to whether or not to even bother replying to you.

I not trying to insult the church. I'm simply stating that they heap tons of expectation on you and burden you down with a million and one things to do. And then they promise you that if you fulfill all million and one things, then you have your salvation.

Mormonism is supposed to make you "happy" but all it does is depress you with the never ending list of "stuff" to get done (and then repeat again next month, month after month, year after year).

That's ONE of the reasons I finally took a step back for a second good look. What I saw scared the hell out of me and I vowed that I'd never go back.

Now, if I choose to devote my life to blogging spite, guilt, and anger, that's entirely my business. Now I'll have you know that of all the things I am involved with in my life, this blog is the least of them. I spend less than 1% of my time blogging.

My life hasn't automatically become better. It is exactly the same, which goes to show that believing or not believing produces exactly the same physical results. My life has gotten better because my self esteem has gotten better.

You see, I'm no longer accountable to some invisible god who can't wait to damn the hell out of me. Therefore, I no longer live in fear and that has had a myriad of positive effects in my life. Maybe you should try it.

If you're Mormon, just bow your head and say "yes".

If you're Christian, do your little "cross" thing.

But don't pray for me. I don't need help from your god.

Unknown said...

Out of curiosity, where did you ever get the impression that God is waiting to "damn the hell" out of you? I may be just a young Mormon girl, but I am certain that we were never taught that in church. In fact, we're taught the opposite. How did you get such an idea?

Mormon411 said...

Well, just think about it. He created hell and he created the 1,001 rules that all must be followed. If you don't fully comply with everything he demands, you're off to hell. So basically, your choices are to kiss his eternal ass OR roast in hell forever. Either way, it sounds like a pretty rotten deal.

Unknown said...

He created the three celestial glories, and then he created Hell. We're taught that most of us will end up in one of the celestial glories. There's repentance and the atonement, so even if we mess up and fail to "fully comply with everything he demands," we'll still be able to make it. It's a win-win situation. I'm assuming you had some poor experiences in whatever ward you grew up in, because I have never been taught that if we're not perfect, we'll automatically end up in hell. Anyway, believe what you want, but I'm sorry that you ever felt like God hates you.

Mormon411 said...

I'm an atheist. I don't believe that god hates me, because I don't believe in god.

I understand Mormon theology regarding the afterlife and although they have the concepts of the three kingdoms, anything besides the Celestial kingdom is simply not good enough. If you're not Celestial, you might as well be in hell.

Eberlins said...

The Bible wasn't translated completely correctly, remember that.

There may be a bunch of rules, but following these rules will make you happy in the end. I know, because I used to ignore every rule they had and I was absolutely miserable. Just recently I started following the rules a lot more diligently and I have never been happier.

I honestly feel bad for you.

Mormon411 said...

I really hate it when people tell me they feel sorry for me. If you want to follow some imaginary god and his 1001 rules, then go ahead. Just because I follow my own rules does not mean that I want or need your pity.

Unknown said...

Omg, i was just searching for lyrics for Attack Attack and googled the phrase "I never said that this would be easy" and this was the first link to come up. i've got 2 good friends who are mormon, and i'm an atheist. its great to see that there is some way to make them up from the brain washed lies they follow every day.

Mormon411 said...

Hi Dan,

I'm glad you stumbled across this page and I do hope you'll stick around, read, and leave comments. I need all the help I can get to spread the word. If only we could convince Mormons how wonderful life is without the restraints of religion.

Unknown said...


Kelsey said...

Quite wallowing in your own self-pity and trying to spread negativity about a religion that you are no longer part of. I don't see why you waste your time writing crap like this. Believe what you want, but don't bring down other people for what they believe.

Unknown said...

First off I'd like you to know that I'm not Mormon but I once was and personally it appears someone in the church did you wrong it happens a lot I believe there is a God and I believe he loves me but I'm going to find him myself. The rules in the les church are there for a reason and are admittedly not for everyone but if you looks at them not as rules but as advice they make much more sense
... for instance alcohol as we all know Mormons don't drink but why are they told that? For some ppl alcohol presents no social psychological or emotional problem but on that flip side for some applied they lose control and abuse the ones they love or perhaps they rub from life's problems into a bottle and there life comes to a standstill You can see the possibility for an issue there all the lds church did was make a blanket rule...basically saying it has the possibility of brig negative so we wont even go near it....clearly its not for everyone. But that doesn't mean God isn't there or that he doesn't love you. Find him on your own in your own heart and mind...he doesn't DEMAND you follow all those rules in order for you him to love you he loves you no matter what you do all he asks of you is to be a good person to be happy... I'm sorry for the terrible grammar and giant run on sentence I'm on my phone I just felt it was important to say this. Have a Good one

Unknown said...

I'm gonna go ahead and apologize for the autospell errors also

beldan4 said...

I don't know which is more sad, all the mormons trying trying to explain to you that your wrong, or your insistance that they are wrong.

My testimony in a nutshell is this. Nothing baised on faith can be proven in worldly fact. The bible, Book of mormon ete, COULD be nothing more then the collection of assorted crazy's, storytellers, or old men, that sat around comming up with ways to explain life, by invisioning somthing greater then themself.

Mormons call God's plan the plan of happiness. They follow the scriptures, and do what they say becuase it makes them happy.

Now the skeptic would say, your not happy you only think you are becuase you belive that doing these things will make you happy. LoL well man has to depend on somthing if he's to remain even remotly sane.

All i see here Mormon411 is you dissing on the LDS church becuase you don't think people should belive the things they're doing should make them happy, even if belive their happy.

Im a mormon (a very bad one imho) i don't follow all the commandments, I have addictions that i deal with. Im not temple worthy.

However I DO Know this, if i know anything. The commandments i do keep, the priciples that i have tested in my life. THEY WORK. Can i explain how they work? Could i pass them off as conindence, sure. However i have yet to come across any teaching that failed to live up to making me feel happyer, or give my life a blessing in some way.

Mormons do what they do becuase it makes them happy, give them joy.

Mormon411 said...

Hi beldan4,

I appreciate your comment and I need to clarify a little bit. Yes, its true that I am harsh on the church, and sometimes the members. However, I have frequently stated that if members truly are happy in Mormonism, then I am happy for them. I was never happy with it even though I ran around saying that I was. So all I'm really trying to do is to get the ones that aren't happy to recognize it. Thats all.

beldan4 said...

Ahh well thats differnt. However there are many cuases for unhappiness other then "your stuck in a bad religion".

My life is a bit of an example of that. I'm not happy, in fact for the longest time I didn't even know what happy was, lol I had a 2 page letter with possible digonsises for things that could be wrong with me.

However for me this doesn't mean the church was any less true, the very few things i truely did worked. Tithing is an example, there's no gurrentee that if i pay my tithing ill be happy, but strangly my finances allways seemed to work out better when i did.

Intresting that you were willing to lie to people to keep up the appreance of happy. Even more intersting that your willing to be brave enough to chuck religion (a rather stablizing force for most people) as the cause of you being unhappy.

I too once consitered leaving the church, when my depression was at its all time low, but it wasn't becuse i belived that the chruch or its teachings were the cause of my unhappiness, but becuase the strain on my conscience was totaly stressing me out.

Ofcourse i didn't leave, i went to an addiction recovery program instead.

So out of curiosity, what other things did you try, to find out why you were unhappy, before you settled on, "its gotta be the religion".

Mormon411 said...

I realize all too well that happiness is a complicated emotion and it is impossible to pinpoint one thing that does or does not make you happy.

While I can truly say that, yes, I am happier out of religion, there are other factors in life which also contribute to a persons happiness level.

Are you in a happy marriage? Are finances stressful? Are the kids making you want to pull your hair out?

No one thing makes us happy or unhappy, but the culumination of everything in your life, and how you react to it, is what determines your happiness.

I've had people in the past tell me a similar story to yours: "I'm LDS but not very active and yet I am still happy when I obey."

That's great. I have no doubt, whatsoever that Mormonism really does work for some people. I'm very happy for them.

I wouldn't say that I was "willing" to lie about being happy. Keep in mind that I was raised in the church and it was all I knew. I heard it constantly, "Only by being LDS can a person be truly happy." Before I turned on my brain, I just believed it. Since I was LDS, I was happy. Looking back, I wasn't unhappy either. I just felt that the church had a lot of demands that had to be met in order to be "saved".

What other things did I try? Without going into detail, I am currently exploring those options. I definitely enjoy the occassional "strong drink". I am working toward a career change. I will probably find myself unmarried in the very near future. The last few years, my life has been nothing but change.

just plain cheryl said...

To each his own...I had a time in my life when I fell away from the church and did things that I wanted to do or that I thought would bring me happiness, since doing the "right" thing only brought me pain. After doing those things I felt worse then before.

I hope that you truly are happy and feel good about all your decisions. I don't know you, but I love you all the same.

Mormon411 said...


There are different types of "falling away". You fell away for a time because you wanted to do things your way. You still believed in the church and eventually guilt brought you back.

I fell away because I discovered the lies. And since the church is built on lies, it is not true. Therefore the things that they tell you are "sins" are also not true.

When I "sin", I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever. None. I didn't kick god out of my life to escape the guilt. I kicked god out of my life because "he" isn't real.

That's the difference between your falling away and mine.

Vanman said...

I am somewhat new to the church in a grand perspective; only two years and I see exactly how easy it can be to lose faith.

Before I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I was just a regular teenage boy. I knew of God, but knew not him. I did bad things, I thought bad thoughts, and despite the fact that I knew the way I was living was wrong, I really thought nothing of it.

After being baptized and confirmed a member of the church, I had to give up a lot of bad things I did. It wasn't easy.

I eventually thought to myself, I had a lot more freedom to do things before I became a member...I wish I never became one...

...But I still continued to get up every Sunday and go to church and half try to keep the commandments and Word of Wisdom. I tried but I would frequently slip up. After hearing so many people bear their testimonies, I started to reconsider my previous notion. I started reading my scriptures, and praying every day and night. I had to give up one day of every week to devote to the Lord. I had to repent of what I had been doing. It wasn't easy.

I am ordered to serve the church.
I am commanded to do goodly things keep the commandments and serve others.
I am required to be friendly, nice and exemplary at all times.
I am "burdened" with constant prayer, scriptural readings, and tithing.
And I will soon be expected to devote two years of my life to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's not easy.

But when I lie down every night and I think about how good it feels to live righteously; when I receive blessings for my virtuous endeavors; when I die and have everlasting life and see all of the people I have helped bring peace and joy and happiness and eternal life... I will have but one thing to say:

Dealing with all of the stresses and sacrifices that come with living the life of a Mormon were not easy... but they were absolutely worth it.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Unknown said...

Wow, I just stumbled across your blog and I think it's great. I'm no advocate for any religion. I consider myself a Baptist, but all religion comes with hypocrisy. I only call myself a Baptist because society feel the need to label us as something, so Baptist it is. I have done quite a bit of research about the Mormon religion out of curiosity's sake. It is an odd religion, and it's funny that the "Fundamentalist" still use the original Mormon Doctrines and that the "main stream" church stopped using it in the 1960s because it wasn't politically correct. I just applaud you stepping away from that church and for trying to inform people of the truth. That's great! Keep up the good work. By the way I'm not some Bible thumping Baptist trying to convert you, just wanted to say thanks! No one can deny that Mormons are very happy people, but some of thier demands from Church goers are just crazy.

Astroknot said...

My friend,

As someone who has been raised in the Mormon religion, but currently identifies as agnostic, I feel I do (at least in some ways) understand where you are coming from.

I appreciate the critical eye you have. I agree with much, and but don't see eye to eye with you about everything.

Ultimately I see the joy that it has brought other people, and I feel personally that I am in no position to make judgement calls on what brings people happiness, relief, or hope.

Different strokes for different folks. I can appreciate it for the good it brings without hating it for my own personal disagreements.

In no way am I saying you are doing any of that, but I just wanted to share my opinion coming from a semi similar place.

At the end of the day if it makes some of the people I love happy, then I am filled with joy that they have it in their lives.

Also even though I do not affiliate with the church any longer I feel as though I benefitted immensely from growing up with the morals and the "demands" that you frown upon.

I dont follow many of them to the letter, or sentence even. But I feel as though I would be a completely different person growing up with many of those guidelines. And not for the better.

That being said I hated the pressure I felt while growing up in the church. I've always been a fan of live and let live.... But I realize that isn't normally the rule of thumb for organized religion... Well.. since ever.

Anyways in closing, much respect and appreciation for putting your opinions out into the world. More open forums for communication are always needed in the days we live in.


Astroknot said...


And just for context I knew I was agnostic for the longest time. There is just so much pressure growing up, so for years (like you if I read the comments correctly) I just said all the right things, and did the right... choreography if you will in order to walk disguised among "Saints".

I have both struggled and written immensely on the subject, and like I said before I immensely appreciate your words and your personal truth.

Almost every time I go home I am questioned if I am still planning to serve a mission, and to that I always have thought "still going to" with confusion as if I had ever planned to.

But it just goes with the territory I suppose, being 21 and all. It feels strange to have people praying for my salvation, while some think it has a four year expiration date. That being said some of my best friends in the church I grew up with are still best friends of mine. I was a groomsman at one of those friends wedding a this past year (not present in the temple of course or anywhere near it, but I flew back home for the reception).

But this is flirting dangerously with the longest post script of all time so until next, salutations.

Astroknot said...

Sorry just adding another because I forgot to hit the email follow up comments to myself box.

missa09 said...

I just randomly stumbled upon this link I guess you would call it and I have never heard such crying in my life. I am 20 years old and I was just baptized into the LDS church this month, and I have never felt so blessed. I for a long time didn't believe there could be a God or any "higher being" with all the terrible things in my life. But you know what I learned, without pain there can be no compassion. Without struggle there may be no victory.

I hope that some day you crawl out of the hole your living in and look around you. Look at this beautiful place we live, look at your beautiful family and friends, and you see things that are just in your life. What you should see are the blessings God gave you. Sure there are rules, rules that people should follow because its the right thing to do, not because their afraid they'll be damned to hell. You sir are sadly mistaken if you think there is not a God. Because everything around you is here because of Him.

How would you feel if you had a son and he said he didn't have a father because his curfew wasn't late enough. Or because you grounded him for failing Chemistry this semester. Rules are set into place to keep us safe, keep us happy. But your too blind by you moaning because its too "hard". Get a grip man, your pathetic.

I do feel sorry for though, to not believe in God, to not have Him in your life, thats gotta be a sad existence.

Mormon411 said...

Dear Marissa,

Thank you for the harsh judgements. I certainly hope that you don't marry someone who has a different opinion than you.

What do you mean, exactly, by "crying"?

You learned that without pain, there is no compassion and without struggle, no victory. That's all fine and good, but what does that have to do with believing in god or not?

In fact, if I recall correctly, god placed Adam and Eve in the blissful garden because he didn't want them to experience pain and struggle.

So because my beliefs are different than yours, I am living in a hole? I do look at this world and you're right, it is beautiful, especially without the Mormon rose-colored goggles. And what I see are the blessings I worked hard to earn.

I follow rules... I don't rape and murder my neighbors. I don't steal. I am not dishonest. And I follow these rules because its the right thing to do, not out of the fear of your god or even because they are his rules. God doesn't have to "tell" you what is right and wrong. You already know.

Actually, the fact that "everything around [me] is here" only proves that everything is here. It doesn't prove that god did it.

I could use the exact same illogical argument on you... everything here proves that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real. I mean, look around, the evidence of his existance is so powerful. Climb out of your hole and believe in my FSM!

"How would you feel if you had a son and he said he didn't have a father because his curfew wasn't late enough."

I would feel bad. But I'm a father who is actually THERE for my son. Where is your god? Have you ever seen him? Have you ever heard his voice? If not, then your god/fatherly figure is setting a terrible example of how to be a good parent.

So, if you don't like my blog, then leave me to my "moaning".

It's actually a rather wonderful existance. Let me expound: I don't believe in magic (miracles) and therefore don't have unrealistic expectations. I don't believe in fairytales (the Bible) and therefore don't have beliefs that are based upon an ancient book that was written by very primitive and uneducated people.

I can tell by your spelling and punctuation that you are not entirely educated, which makes perfect sense, seeing as how it is mostly educated people who DON'T believe in magic and fairytales.

You do enjoy your life believing in whatever nonsense you want, because I (unlike you) respect your right to believe whatever you want. I'm not going to call you names. It's truly sad, however, because you call me names (pathetic) for simply using my brain.

I truly hope god doesn't bless America. God condones murder, rape, slavery, genocide, incest, and more. Don't believe me? Just read the Bible!

Big Zav said...

Hi Mormon 411,

I am a convert of 35 years, have served as bishop, EQ president, YM president, missionary, etc. etc. etc. And I just want you to know: You are absolutely right on your critism of that bogus statement. Matthew 11: 28-30 is one of my favorite scriptures, and to me it is the gospel of Jesus Christ in a nutshell. If we come unto Him and live His commandments, our lives will be easy. Shame on the members of the Church who try to come up with different (shall I say weird?) interpretations.

Whomever coined that "I never said it would be easy ..." phrase was an idiot and isn't even in keeping with Church directives. We are NEVER to put words in our Savior's mouth that He never said. Shame on every Relief Society president who posted that saying in the Church. I hope their bishops took it down and reprimanded them.

Life is easy if we have faith in our Savior. If we put our faith in Him, any trial, tribulation or temptation is easy to overcome. I have to admit, I lack that faith quite often ...

Mormon411 said...

Big Zav,

Thanks for the comment. It is funny because just the other day I was thinking about this quote and how the LDS love to use it. It's not even a Jesus quote and yet they love it. I agree with everything you said except that "Life is easy if we have faith in our Savior". My life has been a ton easier since I quit the entire church thing. I quit relying on an outside source for my happiness and sense of purpose and I could never go back.

Amanda Emily Durbin said...

It seems like many people of other faiths or of no faith at all create an unecessary hype over the statement.What the Mormons are referring to is the sacrifices that are necessary to fully "come unto Christ". I believe people miss the whole message behind the statement, it coincides with James 2:14-26 explaining "faith without works is dead" and from Luke 9:23 " If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me." they're merely drawing a parallel of how faith and works are synonymous. You could venture to say by the contradictions between the scripture you offered and the two I offered would write off the bible as completely inaccurate but I think it's important to not take these things out of context and also understand the language use of that time.

What you say to be complete bullshit is a misunderstanding on your part and I'm suprised that you drew this conclusion seeing as you used to be a Mormon. If there is a God one should remember that he would be working with imperfect beings so of course there are going to be mistakes, there are corrupt people within every walk of life.

If you really think about it giving up certain carnal desires and habits is in no way easy especially if you happen to have an addiction, the result of that "sacrifice" is an easier life free from the bindings of any form of addiction whether it be substances or sexual. I think it would be best that religions should be looked at in a more skeptical light rather than a cynical one b/c baists just make people appear ignorant.

Emily Hill said...

Anger is an acid that destroys the vessel that holds it. I hope you can find peace in whatever it is that you believe in and let go of your anger before it destroys you. You simply sound angry, bitter and hateful. I hope your truth can set you free and that you can find comfort and tranquility in your life.

Mormon411 said...


Yes, I am angry, but not in the way you think. It's not the type of anger where I just hate everyone. It's the type of anger where I recognize that there is an evil corporation that destroys lives and I do what I can to get people out.

Since finding my unbelief, I have never been happier. Sure, I still have my share of problems, but I am genuinely happy.

Thank you for the well wishes. Same to you. I know that I come across as cocky and arrogant on this blog, but I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

Ryan said...

Hey, I figured I could throw in my two cents worth. First off, I am mormom(joined at 17), my mom is Catholic, my dad is buddhist, my brother is an atheist and my sister is non denomination. I think can find happiness with whatever path you take.

I just want to adress the fact that you think uneducated people are religious. That is insulting to millions of people. Whether you are talking about book smart or street smart, there is a wide spectrum of people who seek religion (even those who aren't smart at all).

I have no problem with people who leave the church. I wish they would see the world as I do, but I think everyone feels that way to an extent, that's why we have our own opinions. I just wish that you wouldn't be so hateful towards the church. just because you perceive it as lies, doesn't mean that it is. I understand sharing your beliefs because, as you know, us Mormons LOVE to share ours haha. I think there is a more peaceful way of sharing opinions.

Ryan said...

Oh boy, I come off as uneducated with all the errors in my comment. I am typing from a phone so please forgive. I would like to think I am educated...

Mormon411 said...

No worries, Ryan. I know those phones can be difficult to type on.

Actually it isn't my outright opinion that religious people are uneducated. I know many Mormons who are extremely well educated. In fact, that's what leaves me baffled half the time... How can someone who has been to college for 2 or more years (and while at school having been trained to think logically and scientifically) come away and still believe that fairy tales are the literal truth?

It's actually a working statistic: the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to not believe. This is not my opinion. I'm not sure how this conclusion was reached, but it was probably a large survey.

Yahoo Answers has some interesting peoples comments on the subject.

Debbie said...

It is so nice to see arguments that don't involve the "F" word. Even though we don't agree, I appreciate your opinion and take what you say seriously. When one resorts to belittling and swearing, nothing gets heard.

I have been in and out of LDS "activity" for the past 40 years, after joining at age 18. When I follow the Sabbath I feel more energy during the week to get everything done. When I pay my tithing, I either have enough money to pay my bills, or don't desire the things I don't need. When I pray, I sleep better... it is not magic, it just works FOR ME!

My mother believed in reincarnation and my father studied the ministry, ending up in children's television, spreading his love a different way. He had near-death experiences and was writing his version of what Heaven was like. I come from a long line of open-minded people, who taught me to find MY way. None of my family was LDS, but this was where I felt I had finally come home. Whether or not I am currently attending meetings or fulfilling callings, I don't feel judged... only loved... and know that God knows my heart.

I respect your opinion, and love discussing this - because I truly believe we all need to find our own way to get through this life. This is MY choice... I love sharing, and would love everyone to feel peace, but everyone needs to do their own soul-searching to find the answer that belongs to them.

Thank you for opening up this blog dialog - I use that quote all the time, never thinking about its affiliation with "Mormonism." To me it just means that He is there - that pain is part of life sometimes, but if we persevere and keep our faith in a loving Heavenly Father, it will all make sense someday...

Anonymous said...

Mormonism is at fault, not God. Don't blame him because he tells us plainly that many shall come in his name, like the Church of Jesus Christ. Religion is not the answer, nor is the book of mormon but God certainly is. Hope you get over a bad religion and make it right with God...

Dave said...

I stumbled across this blog and well. I dont know what to say but plainly im a Mormon, but im not going to argue with you about certain scriptures or Bible bash. For me, through out my life i have found this Church, that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it's doctrine to be true. I found that out by living it. Christ says in John 7:17 "If any man will do his will then he shall know the doctrine, whether it be of God or whether i speak of myself." This scripture comes when Christ is being accused by the skeptics of that day of teaching false doctrine. Basically what Christ is saying here is if you have a problem with the doctrine, just try it out for yourself and you will know whether its true or not. Obviously that process also includes "not casting it out by your own believe" or saying its right or wrong just because, but trying it out, experimenting on the word. Thats what i did and thats why i believe.

also, just a reminder, im not here to bash, but simple discuss.

Mormon411 said...


If it works for you, then great. I lived it all my life for years and years. It didn't work for me. I felt constant pressure and it was not good. What a huge relief it was for me when I discovered the real truth behind the church (hint: it's not true)

Unknown said...

Great is the open mind that can understand and interpret all things while having their own beliefs. Only a fool of insecurity feels the need to take others down with his pathetic self. Yes it is good to have your own opinion, but the annoying one uses rage and blame to express his simple opinion. Wise is the one who can state a firm opinion and have friends after the conversation. Also, in 11:30, in my opinion, Jesus is explaining that he is here to help. His burden is light, confide in him to help lift yours. His yoke is easy, he is there to help and pull your burdens. He isn't saying it's easy to gain access to heaven, he is saying all you have to do is confide in him and believe he will heal. Don't go bashing others religions just because they aren't yours.

Unknown said...

Mormon 411, I am curious as to why you believe the church is not "true" as you say? What is true to you now?

Judy said...

There is plenty of history to support a position of non-belief. Actually, there is so much history to support the position of non-belief in Mormonism that to practicing Mormons I would say, "Yours is ignorance by choice." But, to reject Mormonism and God because the rules are too great and the expectations too high is really a rather sorry stance. Surely you have a stronger platform than this!

Mormon411 said...

Of course I do. This is only 1 out of nearly 400 posts, all of them explaining my reasons for turning my back on god, the least of which is the rules and expectations.

Gordon said...

So here's a question for you, Mormon411: "Were you living the standards of the LDS church before you made your decision to leave?"

There's an awful lot of anger in your tone and style. There is very little logic. Did you quit because you had an epiphany? Or did you quit because of a confrontation or a 'sin'?

Religion is very frustrating for a logical mind because it is inherently unprovable. While bashing the nature of people (hypocrisy, fallibility, perceptual blindness, stubbornness, self-righteousness) is pretty freakin easy, bashing God is something else.

Moreover, while you have disavowed God in his entirety, your attacks are focused on Mormonism. Let's have a little impartiality here, by all means. Let's bash the Hindus and the Muslims and the Jews, the Buddhists, everybody. But you don't do that.

Do you hate God or just the Mormons? What personal investment do you have here? What part of it wasn't easy enough for you?

HDL said...

Dear 411 ever thouhgt about it like
your new pad is maybe satans plan for you to trick you away from our father
as a former mormon you sould know
how satan works right don't be to hasty with you judgments and just think of how your pad is set now and where do you go from here be carefull
with words they hurt more then a stick you have free wiil just as we mormons teach but juse it wisely

Mormon411 said...

Of course that is how Mormons view me: as an evil apostate that was deceived by the devil. The ironic part is that is it you who is deceived. You think you're buying your salvation by paying 10% of your hear earned money to a bunch of con men.

I know how the Mormons believe that satan works: he leads your soul carefully down to hell and makes sin look good and fun. However, satan is a myth just like Jesus is.

I am trying to promote practical thinking here. You believe in this invisible war that no one can see or hear. You only read about it in an ancient book that no one really understand and was written by the same people who believed the earth was flat!


Mormon411 said...

Of course that is how Mormons view me: as an evil apostate that was deceived by the devil. The ironic part is that is it you who is deceived. You think you're buying your salvation by paying 10% of your hear earned money to a bunch of con men.

I know how the Mormons believe that satan works: he leads your soul carefully down to hell and makes sin look good and fun. However, satan is a myth just like Jesus is.

I am trying to promote practical thinking here. You believe in this invisible war that no one can see or hear. You only read about it in an ancient book that no one really understand and was written by the same people who believed the earth was flat!


ckbeaty13 said...

I found this blog at random and as a Mormon i have to say that it doesn't help when people fight back in every case. People have their own beliefs and as a Latter-Day Saint we are taught not to judge. All i can do is ask for you not to say such harsh words about us Latter-Day saint. We are not forcing anyone to be a member. We are sharing what we know and we offer it for you.. that is all. We offer it for other people because we are happy and all we want is for others to be happy. I have too once been in a place where i felt i didn't want to be a member. I did many things that were considered not acceptable to the LDS church. I then had a friend ask me if i was doing everything that is asked like reading and studying the scriptures and praying and continually humbling my self and asking for forgiveness at least once everyday and i realized i wasn't. I could have lied to my self and said i was doing everything i was told to to be happy and have a testimony and gain a relationship with our Heavenly Father but in reality, i was not. People will lie to you and say the LDS church is wrong and make up a bunch of lies about us but no one will truly know if it is the true church unless one goes through the process to find out for one self. And if you have done so and asked for your self if it was true and you didn't feel that way then i really and honestly hope you are happy. All i wish is for everyone to be happy. Not temporary happiness, but the forever happiness. I know its there because i have been experiencing it myself. I can't say i don't have trials but they are nothing compared to the trials i had when i was not going against the church. I hope the best for you. :)

Mormon411 said...

I know that the LDS people are taught not to judge, but they are also taught that they alone have the complete truth, and arrogance (and therefore judging) happens automatically.

I don't blog against Mormons themselves. Mormons are my friends and family and I love them. My issues is with the organization and the leaders who, in my opinion, are very dishonest men.

Mormons are good people who are simply trying to live their lives as best they know how. But it is so hard to be humble when you know you're right!

Mormons don't force anyone to join (unless it is their 8 year old child) but once someone does join, they want to know every detail of your private life. They make you feel guilty if you don't pay tithing, do your calling, and attend all your meetings. Nosey bishops want to interview you all the time to find out just how "worthy" you are. I daresay, that anyone who claims to be happy in this enforced religion is just lying to themselves.

Did you ever stop to consider that maybe, just maybe those "lies" are actually the truth? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe Joseph Smith did make it all up just to get women and money? Before you pass off everything negative about the church as a lie, maybe you should do a little investigating.

The Mormon way of finding the out the truth for yourself is to pray and wait for a warm feeling. Well, a good feeling is a very poor way to judge the truth of something. Scam artists use good feelings to get you to hand over your money. How else would they do it? They tell you a lie that sounds really good and really convincing.

Just something for you to think about.

ckbeaty13 said...

Ok so how do you know that your source is right? There are people saying that 9/11 is not real and it never happened.. do you believe that too? I realize that's quite a stretch but its true. Everyone needs to find out for themselves. And we don't force our 8 year old children to get baptized.. they them selves are interviewed with out their parents so that they will answer honestly.. i have seen a couple of 8 year olds say they don't want to and its up to them. And if Joseph smith did that to just get money and women then how come he willingly went to Carthage jail when he knew he would not be treated very nicely. Would you do that if the reason you started the church was for women and money? That just does not add up.

Mormon411 said...

Please keep in mind, that the version of events that you know is the version the church has taught you. Joseph Smith did not go willingly to jail and even ordered the Nauvoo legion to come and break him out. When the mob first appeared, he thought it was his rescuers.

It makes perfect sense... if you know the real story. Did you know that Joseph Smith sent his loyal followers away on missions and then married their wives to himself? Did you know that his youngest wife was only 14? Did you know that Emma was completely against his idea of polygamy and NEVER supported it? Did you know that she caught him having an affair in their barn with Fanny Alger? Did you know that when he wanted a new bride, he would threaten the entire family with hell if they did not give their daughters to him?

This man you revere as a prophet was a sneak, a womanizer, and a con man. The church tells you white washed versions of these stories and omits anything that might make him look bad, including his polygamy.

When you educate yourself and read the real history, it is very ugly.

ckbeaty13 said...

Well how do you know this? How do you know what you heard or read is not a
Lie told by those who are upset at the church because of pride? How do you know that?

Mormon411 said...

It's called research and looking at evidence, court records, and journals.

How do you know that everything the church has told you isn't just a big lie? All you have to go on is your good feeling. I've got evidence. Which is better?

ckbeaty13 said...

The church has evidence too. Have you ever been to any church museums? How do you know what evidence you saw was real? And I know all that I need to know and I'm still learning more but no one or anything will shake my faith. But again.. I hope you are happy with your decisions and i hope the best for you.

Mormon411 said...

Thank you, I appreciate that. If you're happy believing, then I wish the best for you as well. When I was doing my study, I was not 100% convinced that it wasn't true until I learned about The Book of Abraham Fiasco. This was solid, undeniable proof that Joseph Smith made up the Book of Abraham. If he did that, I wonder what else he made up?

Keena M. said...

I don't understand this... I know that a testimony is something sacred. But you guys need it. I would like to bear my testimony that I know that Being a member of the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter - Day Saints is the right thing to do. I am only 12 but I know the truth and the light. Now that may change in the future but right now I know that I am a proud member, and Young woman of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. Amen.

Mormon411 said...

Yes, it could very well change in the future as soon as you start learning about the REAL church history. How do you KNOW it's true? A good feeling? Scammers use good feelings to rip people off. If a good feeling was the best way to know the truth of something, then there would be no need for science.

You know it's true because you have been brainwashed with it ever since you were born. And let me fill you in with a little friendly hint... Mormons think that bearing their testimony will automatically make everyone fall head-over-heels with desire to join the church BUT that isn't true at all. All it does is make you look like an ignorant fool.

Ashley, Sean, Aspen, & Kaitlyne said...


All I have to say is that you are bitter and you need to stop putting down others beliefs. GOD is real and so is his son Jesus Christ. Just because you had a rough time with the church doesn't mean you need to be cynical and bring other people down. If you believe that the church is built on lies, then please tell me what lies that would be and PROVE it!! You can't, although you will try I'm sure.

Mormon411 said...

Jesus is real... So you've actually seen him? Why don't YOU prove he is. The burden of proof is on you, not me since you are the one who believes it. And even if I did prove it, you would reject it anyway as a lie of the devil. In fact, I have proved it over and over on this blog. If you want to find it, then you need to take the time to read and research it. I can give you proof all day long but it will make no difference until you truly want it.

sam i am said...

This is quite ridiculous, and pathetic. Thomas S. Monson a con man? Give me a break. Do you even know the history of tithing in the modern days. It has nothing to do with con artists. It's not like the leaders of the church are biding there time, waiting for their chance to smash and grab the cash and split the profits. If this was such a big scam then why would the church be one of the largest charitable donors in the world? The only people you're influencing are the people who already don't believe. It's pathetic, and insulting.

Mormon411 said...

One of the largest charitable donors in the world? They give a little here and a little there, but it is nowhere near the largest, PLUS all the money that is given in charity is donated by the members in fast offerings. Not a penny is given by the church from their own funds.

David M said...

I'm a Christian myself and I haven't even read your blog but definitely understand where you're coming from. I left the church after 20 years (almost 23 now) and while I still believe in God, I base it off of tangible experiences that have happened in my life, not propaganda that an organized religion has burdened me with. If people would do their research, they'd see church history has been whitewashed numerous times and it's nearly impossible to line up the current records with what really happened. You'd think with all of the technology we've been blessed with over the years that people would actually take the time to check facts but it's blind obedience. Anyways. While I obviously don't agree with your views on atheism and God not existing, that doesn't change the fact you're a human being deserving of respect and love, just like the Mormon church. I just think it's good you're being honest about how you feel instead of being lumped in with the rest of the sheep. PS: I never thought about your statement of how the church never seems to FORCE anyone to join except 8 year-olds. My sister knew little to nothing about the church (or even God) when she got baptized and she's still at the same position. It's sad, but after all of the lying I went through during temple interviews, etc, I see that it's less about being "receptive" to the Spirit and it's just humans being humans. I'm just glad I was seeking God Himself instead of religion and got out before I went on a mission and confused more people.

suns said...

I think it is marvelous that you believe in what you believe in however I have always found it rather interesting when someone’s platform becomes bashing another’s belief instead of finding merit and embracing their own. If a Mormon never done you wrong or even if one did do you wrong, fine but you don’t need to dislike the religion because of a few jerks in the church.
It is only human nature that we explore and venture out once we are old enough to find interest in other teachings and I must admit as an inactive Mormon I have had many a questions about our church, some of the teachings and the issue of if there really is a God, the Father and the Holy Ghost. I have a habit of being a very analytical person but you know I have figures out that, that’s OK, we are not meant to understand everything. There is a plan for us and although I may not believe in everything, I do believe in a loving Heavenly Father because the blessings I and my family have received way out number my doubts.
You go on about the amount of time, money and effort it takes to be a good Mormon. I hate to break it to you but regardless of what you do that brings you happy and fulfillment you are going to submit a lot of time, money and effort whether it is going to the bar or going to church. I am no one to judge you however your higher power or lack thereof seems to be, being extremely self centered. Even if you don’t believe in God can’t you believe in and respect your fellow man, their beliefs and most of all yourself. Be kind to yourself and enjoy this life, don’t you think it’s kind of sad to believe that there is nothing more after we leave this life. :o)

Mormon411 said...

Suns, Basically you're telling me that you're happy I have found my path and are wondering why I can't just let others have theirs. Why can't you just leave them/us alone?

I will leave the church alone as soon as they leave the world alone.

Do I knock on your door and try to shove it on you? If someone doesn't like what I write, then they are completely free to close their browser and move on.

If you remember from my profile description, I state clearly that one of my purposes is to reach out to others who may be feeling surpressed by this very demanding church. If you are happy in your religion, then you are not my target audience.

The difference between your comparison of putting effort into the church vs. putting effort into anything else you are doing is that the church guilts you into it and THEY benefit from it. Effort put into other things pay off for you and are done because you want to do them.

If you even come back, I know you will argue that the church exists for the benefit of mankind and not itself, so spare it. That is what happens when people get trapped in a cult. They can't see the obvious damage it is causing no matter how much yelling and warning the people on the outside are trying to give.

Anonymous said...

No one cares how you feel and I'm not going to change your mind. I don't want to and I can't. You are right, I am not your target audience. The responsibility is overwhelming, if you let it be. The demands are great and expectations high if you want to be a "good" member of the church. One thing I learned early on in life is people will ask what they will of me. People are relentless in their desires to get me involved in whatever they are doing. I can say the only peace in life is by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. As for everything else, I have my agency to say no, without the guilt. People will just ask someone else, that's all.

Mormon411 said...

Jerry, you are wrong. There are many people who care how I feel and there are many more people who feel exactly the same way I do.

Following Jesus might be YOUR preferred method of finding happiness but it is by no means the only way. I found the Mormon Jesus to be demanding, judgmental, and conditional in his love and blessings. I felt afraid and manipulated. I felt that it was kiss his ass or go to hell.

Having Jesus out of my life has been rewarding and wonderful. How an imaginary friend can bring you actual joy, I'll never understand. Sounds to me like you're just fooling yourself.

AtheistsAreDumb said...

People who claim to be "atheists" make me laugh because they have no idea what it means to truly be an atheist. If God does not exist, then there is no purpose to life and anything we do in this life is meaningless and has no value. We only exist because of random chance and chaos. Atheists think it's foolish to believe in God, but not foolish to believe that we evolved over the last few billion years from single-cell pond-scum organisms to advanced multi-cellular mammals, who can think and create and question, as a result of a BIG BANG. That's like blowing up a printing press and expecting the works of Shakespeare or a dictionary to magically appear after 4.5 billion years go who's the crazy one?! Since there is no God, you must believe in evolution, which means your distant relative is pond-scum (sounds about right). It also means that there is neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad, just survival of the fittest. Is it wrong when a lion kills a gazelle on the plains of the serengeti?! Not if you're an evolutionist, which you must be if you're an atheist. By your atheist standards, if someone hurts you or, even worse, kills you, they shouldn't be punished in any way because it's just evolution following its natural course. To punish them for the crime would be admitting that what they did was morally wrong, but if you are an atheist and therefore a true evolutionist, there is no right or wrong...only survival of the fittest. The funny thing is, if the whole world were to follow your line of thinking and come to their proverbial senses and stop believing in a so-called imaginary God, and we started following a true evolutionist belief system of survival of the fittest, all the jocks and body-builders of the world would kill off all of the science nerds of the world. Wouldn't that be special! Thank goodness for people of all religions who believe in a supreme being and life after this life and who believe in right and wrong and in choosing good over bad (for the most part) because it's the only thing preventing global genocide right now. Just wait a few billion years when lions learn how to develop nuclear weapons...then they'll really be king of the jungle and we'll be in trouble!

Anonymous said...

Hello Friend,

I've stumbled upon your blog and many other blogs after reading about Mr. Weeds story on Nightline and at Thank you for sharing your story.

I am a gay woman who was raised Christian. I am thankful that my mother brought religion in my life in more of a "spirtual/healing" way and also not forcing me to attend church services, etc. She def. let me and my siblings choose our on faith on our own time. In my opinon it really helped me to maintain a "healthy" faith. I dont believe in orgainized religion, or tithing, going to church to really "believe", having to do missionaries, etc.. I believe not because of "myths" but because I want to believe there is a better world (heaven) beyond when I pass to spend in a loving presence (such as 'god) and my family members who have passed. I dont want to believe the other crap that goes along with it, such as the old old testament Or the fact that the bible was translated by a sexist man. It sickens me when I see/hear such hatred from the bible. I only want to believe the good that comes from it. Such as God loves ALL OF US!

I guess I struggle with what catagory i fit in? Being gay and living a 'gay lifestyle' and STILL having faith can be confusing to a lot of people. But Its my life, and under it all, it somehow makes sense to me, and im happy.

However, I'm not happy when people judge me based on my sexual orientation or my faith, just as I do not judge my wife who is not religious, or my cousin who was raised Catholic converted to an Anthiest.

I believe that as long as we are good, honest, loving people then we as a community should all be accepting to each other. Wouldnt that be a wonderful world to live in? And isn't that what religion should really be about anyways? We are taught that god loves ALL of us and I truly believe that.

Again, thank you for sharing your stories and allowing others to share theirs. I'm apalled by some of the comments left here that are full of judgment and hate, but I guess I expected it. Im thrilled that you are happier than ever!

May your life be continued to be prosperous.

Love your friend Lauren

lawsandguidelines said...

God used math to create the Universe. Everything around us is Math. Your choices are math. you can believe that 2 plus 2 is 5 all you want until you go to build a house or an airplane or anything then and then you have to follow the proper math. The laws of nature is math. choices are math. make good choices which you correct math you get the right answer and you won't have to do solve that problem again. do it wrong like my mom would say and you end up with the wrong answer and redo redo redo and refuse to do it right end up miserable in the hospital or on pills or death. I can't stand people who say there's too much rules and restrictions. Try driving down the road and don't follow any signs and road rules and see what happens to you. hospital/death/ or handicap will be your answer to not following road rules. so is life. you can arrive at your destination happily and safely by following rules and laws. leave the people who are following and doing what makes them happy. don't bash mormonism. it's the best thing that ever happend to the world. if u don't believe it wait and see what the future will bring. time will tell everything. Aloha

Maile said...

Religion is the problem.
What Jesus did brought us freedom from all the suppose to's.
Your exit from your previous religion is proof that religion doesn't work. The only way to have real Christianity is to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ!

Unknown said...

I'm an atheist convert. You quote good AND evil, yet you claim to be atheist. Those two are mutually inclusive lol.

Unknown said...

This page is complete crap why would you post such negativity in a vain attempt to justify your ideology that God is crap because you have had a rough life in the church because you neglected to aknowledge your right to have your alone time this everlasting experiance of ups and downs is all based on choice "every action has an equal or opposite reaction" ever wonder if embracing this idea wether true or not has influenced this all around concept pushing it in a direction to were you had no choice in what this idea became were it gained solidarity not based on facts but out of a biased concept wich you wanted so bad to be true neglecting any opposition to that idea you should grant yourself time don't wait for someone else to do it cause they won't but don't throw everything on the church saying they wasted your time cause you never gave yourself any
You have a right to your beliefs you have a right to speak your mind but if it promotes negativity and instills an idea in society that without beliefs our world would be better its become a contradicting endeavour without religion you wouldn't have found atheism all that you believe in now if it has guided you to some tranquil state and made you happy wouldn't have happened be grateful for the things that gave you a reason to break apart and become happy that's all we should care about anyway in opposition to your ideology that's all I believe God would want in the end to know that you were happy and proud that he created something with a mind that chose his own way away from the norm and still found happiness nothings set in stone no words or ways were ever meant to be forever its ever-changing light shining through a prism we all see it in different ways

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

The problem is that you feel restraints. I work hard in and out of church. I wasn't always Mormon. Just the sheet fact that you feel the need to be bitter shows how miserable this life makes you. The atonement will save you as it saved me.