Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Prophets and Apostles... What A Bunch Of Clowns!

So Henry B. Eyring is the new second councilor in the first presidency. I bet Boyd K. Packer is PISSED OFF! Unfortunately for Boyd, I doubt if he will ever get promoted again, seeing as how he is a bigot and hates everyone who is not straight, white, male, and Mormon. Even the first presidency is smart enough to know that he shouldn't be given any more power. I would give anything to see Packer in his private moments; he probably HATES Eyring!

Now, Henry B. Eyring is still a generally new apostle; he is senior over only Uchtdorf and Bednar. Then all of a sudden he gets a whopping promotion! Hmm, how much ass did he have to kiss? I know what it is... his emotional outbursts. They guy is a master at tears-on-demand. But what I really think it is, is the fact that the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve are all a bunch of SENILE OLD FUCKING FARTS! They are trying to get younger faces in the top seats.

Let's talk a little bit about prophets and apostles while we're on the subject. The Book of Mormon prophets were young and strong. Many of them were not only spiritual leaders, but men of great position in the government and military. They had all the power! Mormon was made a prophet and a general when he was only 10 years old. Prophets now days have to be at least 90.

Who exactly is the Mormon god? It is the current prophet. Let me explain...

If the prophet is the mouthpiece and voice for god, then anything the prophet says is god's will. So how do we know then the guy is speaking for the lord or when he is speaking for himself? We don't!!! Therefore, EVERYTHING he says is directly from god. Therefore he is god. In what other culture can someone speak a word and have millions of people blindly obey without question? I guess in a dictatorship!

But these men don't speak with god. Not one of them has ever admitted that he has. In fact, they get pretty pissed off when someone asks them if they have.

Aren't prophets supposed to prophesy? What prophesy has Hinckley ever given let alone one that came true?

Aren't prophets supposed to warn the people of danger and give them a chance to repent? Why didn't Hinckley predict the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina which destroyed New Orleans?

Other than say feel-good-words from the pulpit, what has Hinckley ever done to show that he is even 1% prophet? Nothing. Come on people; correct me if I am wrong.

Aren't prophets supposed to preform miracles for everyone to see? Jesus did. Where are they?

If a tiny bit of faith can move a mountain, why can't the most faithful priesthood holder even move a pebble?

What is a seer? Someone who can see past, present, and future. I have never seen any seer-like qualities of anyone in the church leadership.

Revelator... one who predicts the future. Joseph Smith incorrectly predicted the return of Jesus Christ! Ever since then, your revelators have revealed NOTHING, let alone something that actually came true!

Bottom line is that the church hierarchy is full of business men. They are in the business of selling salvation. What is the cost? You have to: 1) pay them 10% of your income *, 2) work for free for them, 3) constantly get told how unworthy and unrighteous you are, 4) fulfill 1001 demands, and 5) never question them. These guys have it made!!!

* I wonder how long it will be before they receive a revelation giving the lord a raise. When will tithing become 20%? Then 30%?

I guess that's all for now. Next time I am going to discuss faith and priesthood.

Just another evil apostate...

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