Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Do Mormons Hate Apostates?

The answer is simple... because their leaders tell them to.

The Mormons view themselves as literally the only true church of the only true god. Therefore anyone that leaves them is an enemy because they have been deceived by the devil.

Mormon leaders tell their members that apostates:
  • are full of hate and anger.
  • have been deceived by satan.
  • lost the spirit because of a sin that they were too proud to repent of.
  • quit going to church because someone offended them.
  • masturbate and look at porn obsessively (See? I said masturbate so I am obviously obsessed with it.)
  • will have an evil influence on believers.
  • never had a real testimony.
Is it no wonder then, that TBM come into our blogs and discussion boards and chastise us with their holier-than-thou attitudes? They are still the elite and they are armed with a true testimony and it is their holy calling to convince us all to come back by employing two strategies: 1) call us every name they can think of, and 2) follow up by bearing their testimony. They live with this complete delusion that the combination of these two things will compel us to change our evil ways and climb back into our mental prison cells.

But why do they really hate us? Mormonism is a system. People are comfortable in that system. Mormonism is a system that especially discourages asking questions. Don't ask why; just do as you're told. Mormonism is a great system for anybody who likes to have someone else dictate everything for them. Do what you're told and all will be fine. Since the system works so well, anyone who fights against it must be crazy. Any one who breaks free and decides to take their own path rather than "follow the prophet" is truly a fool. So it is no wonder that they have complete condescending attitudes when they engage us.

Here is the ironic part. Mormons claim to believe in Jesus who talked and ate with sinners. And yet they hate us because their leaders, who are inspired by Jesus, tell them to. We apostates, many of whom no longer believe in Jesus, become some of his best disciples. We do not hate Mormons. We saw the lies of the Mormon church and we got out. It doesn't mean we are evil. It doesn't mean we are "disease germs who not only have an absence of light, but a presence of darkess." (Boyd K. Packer)

Mormons, your leaders are lying to you. They know that we will tell you the truth about Mormonism and they know that the things we know are very damning to the church. Therefore, to keep you ignorant and under control, they tell you that we are disease germs who are full of satan's evil influence. You accuse us of lying but the real liars are your so called prophets, seers, and revelators. They want you to stay away from us because there is a real threat that you might hear the truth and leave the church too.

Think about it. If the church really was true, they would have nothing to hide. Instead of teaching you to hate, avoid, and despise apostates, they would tell you, as would Jesus, to associate with us, love us, and be one with us. That is what Jesus would say and if you deny it, then you are the one who is deceived. When the Pharisees asked Jesus why he was eating with sinners, he simply replied, "Those who are whole are in no need of a physician." Jesus didn't call the sinners "disease germs". He ate and talked with them.

The example of your own leaders on how to treat apostates is enough to show you that they are not men of god. They are business men who want your obedience and your tithing dollars.

Therefore, our dispute against the Mormon church is not with it's individual members. It is with the fraud, cult leaders who pretend to be prophets and are no better than the Pharisees who Jesus repeatedly called hypocrites.

Free yourself from the Mormon lies and discover a whole new world.

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