Monday, December 31, 2007

Just How Heavy Were the Golden Plates?

I have a weight in the back of my pickup truck that serves to give me traction in the winter. This weight is solid steel and is about six inches tall and one foot in diameter. When I say that sucker is heavy, that is an understatement. I can't even pick it up, and I am no wuss. The thing has to weigh about 300 lbs.

I would imagine that a golden book large enough to contain the story of the Book of Mormon would probably be about the same size. If so, it would be even heavier, because gold is very heavy.

According to the Book of Mormon, this guy named Moroni basically put the golden plates together. After the great war which left all his race dead, Moroni wandered in an attempt to avoid being discovered by the Lamanites, keeping the precious golden plates with him, writing in them as he went along.

The Book of Mormon story "happened" in Central and South America. So is it very logical that Moroni would have hiked, on foot, all the way from Panama to New York? Not very likely. Add to that the fact that he is lugging around 300 to 350 lbs of solid gold with him. Even more not likely.

1,000 years later, after Joseph Smith had discovered the plates, is it likely that he would be able to tuck the golden plates under his arm and RUN through the woods in order to get away from his enemies? If you think it's possible, then I challenge you to try it. Take my truck weight and see how far you can run with it, if you can even get it off the ground!

Although the Mormon church has a very feel-good story, it just doesn't make sence once a dose of pure logic is applied. I will be talking about the Book of Mormon in my next few posts and I will be comparing the original Book of Mormon to the modern version of it.

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