Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Matter What Happens, It Means the Church Is True!

Let me give you an insiders view on how Mormonism works. How everything that happens to you is proof that the church is true.

True story... I had a female friend who dated one of my roommates. They were both LDS and decided to get married. Now, in Mormonism, one does not just simply marry the person they love. They take the matter to Heavenly Father, who then gives his approval or disapproval (through feelings which you are left to decipher yourself). If the answer from god is yes, then you marry that person.

My friend married my roommate and things were okay for a while. I was actually his sponsor when he went through the temple for the first time. Well, it turns out that this roommate of mine has a severe mental disorder. He cheated on his wife, and did some other things which I won't disclose. Their marriage ended up with an ugly divorce.

Now god, who knows all things, must have known that this husband would do what he did. And knowing that, he still approved their marriage. To a person like me, it simply means she was looking for a dick and a temple recommend. But to a Mormon, even though this marriage ended in disaster, it was meant to be. By going through this trial, it was designed by a loving Heavenly Father to teach her lessons and make her stronger.

I hope you're beginning to see my point. Why even bother consulting with god, if it was pre-destined to end in disaster?

You see, if the person had received that negative feeling to not marry the person, then no marriage would have taken place and the LDS would believe that god "saved" them from some terrible disaster.

So what is the point of revelation if you're going to have a disaster anyway? So you can see, that no matter what, god's infinite wisdom was right there with your best interests in mind. If you marry and have a disaster, then it was meant to be. If you marry the person and all is well, it was meant to be. If you don't marry the person and completely miss the entire experience, then it was meant to be.

So in other words, no matter what happens, it was meant to be!

Doesn't that undermine the whole damn reason for inspiration? If you pray to a rock, you are going to get the exact same outcome. So is the rock holy, or is god just fiction?

The LDS take every day experiences and intrepret them to mean that the church is true. It works exactly the same way with the priesthood. If a blessing heals you, then it was meant to be. If a blessing doesn't heal you, then it was meant to be.

Everyday, normal life is proof that the church is true. Sheer circumstance is their god. Regular life just taking it's course means the church is true. Based on that premise, every religion in the world is true.

Yes, this is how Mormon's think. It is sad and distorted. I know because I once did. I "knew" it was true.

Their entire truth is based on pure circumstance. I've touched on this before but I'll do it again just to make my point...

If you live in the Starwars universe, you know that a Jedi Knight is a real Jedi Knight. If you are a bad guy, he will kick your ass royal. He will pull your weapon right out of your hand and force choke you. No one messes with a Jedi because their power is real and there is definite proof of it.

However, Mormons are no more special than anyone else. As much as they believe they have all these special magical powers, they really have nothing. I've made challenge after challenge to TBM's to shock me with a bolt of lightning. Use your priesthood to destroy my house. Call upon the powers of god to strike down this evil and blasphemous apostate. So far it hasn't happened and I have a real strong feeling that it never will.

Keep in mind that feelings in Mormonism are more important than facts. If you have a feeling that the sky is pink, then it really is pink, even if you're looking at a blue sky. Mormons live in an imaginary dream world where they alone are elite and everyone else is hell-bound. It's your holy responsibility to convert them to Mormonism so they can be saved too. While Mormons will never admit this in their PR, they strongly believe that they are the only true church and any other religion was founded by satan to blind and confuse people to keep them from the real truth, which is, of course, Mormonism.

It reaks of cult. It is a cult. They can deny it all day, but it IS a cult.

Just another evil apostate...