Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Is the Mormon God?

Just like many religions, the Mormons believe that their god is the same god who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai. However, their beliefs about his physical appearance and our relationship to him is very different.

Most Christians believe that god is everywhere and he is nowhere ( a concept that I always found confusing ). Mormons believe he is an actual man with a body of flesh and bones. He got his body by coming to another earth and passing all the tests. When he died, he was resurrected and continued to progress until he became a god. Just as god went through this process, i.e. lived on an earth, had a god of his own, died, resurrected, and progressed to godhood, so can we. Each of us is a potential god and if we pass all the tests, we can become gods and goddesses and create our own worlds and have our own spirit children. It is a cycle that never began and will never end. The Mormons have not always believed that god has a body.

Unique to Mormonism is the belief that we lived with god in a pre-existance. We were only spirits and since we had no body, we could not progress. God loved us all so very much that he wanted to create an earth in order to allow us to gain a body. Once we came to earth, we would be tried and tested. We would suffer and be miserable. Only a few would pass all the tests and return to live with god again. Those few would eventually become gods.

In Mormonism, heaven is known as The Celestial Kingdom. There are other kingdoms as well, the Terresterial and Telestial. The Telestial kingdom is basically hell. The Terresterial kingdom is a place for people who were not really wicked, but not really righteous either. Even though the Telestial kingdom is hell, Joseph Smith said that if we could see it, we would kill ourselves in order to get there. Obviously, hell isn't such a bad place!

There is a special place reserved for people like me. Once someone has been given the "truth" and then rejects it, they go to a place like purgatory, only it is called perdition in Mormonism. The "Sons of Perdition" are the most wicked and deserve no kingdom at all. They will live in perdition forever with Satan. (A good scare tactic to keep people in the church, huh?)

A Mormon apostate is a "Son of Perdition" and yet Hitler is not... go figure.

The name of the planet on which exists the Celestial Kingdom, according to Joseph Smith, is Kolob. It is an actual, physical place. This teaching is one that the church doesn't talk about much and would like to forget. However, this teaching is in the D&C (Doctrine & Covenants) and there is also a Mormon Hymn about it, # 284, the first verse of which reads:

"If you could hie to Kolob
In the twinkling of an eye,
And then continue onward
With that same speed to fly,
Do you think that you could ever,
Through all eternity,
Find out the generation
Where Gods begin to be?"

Not only do we have a heavenly father, but a heavenly mother as well. She is not talked about so as not to defile or disrespect her. She is god's wife and they were sealed together while they were both mortals living on a planet somewhere. No one knows much about her. All we know is that somehow, two immortal gods with physical bodies have sex and make spirit children. How this is done is never explained. I guess you have to become a god to find out!

God even has a name, Eloheim. Of course they just call him "God" or "Heavenly Father".

God's time is different than ours. When 1,000 years have passed on earth, it is one day to god (so each "day" in the creation process was actually 1,000 years). So our "trip" to earth is VERY short. From god's perspective, we are only gone a few hours. However, those few hours are critical to the rest of eternity. You get once chance to get it right and if you screw up, sucks to be you.

According to Mormon teachings, god's ONLY appearance to any human being was to Joseph Smith during the supposed First Vision.

This god loves you so much. Yet he is a jealous god. If you don't obey every commandment, you fail the test and end up in a lower kingdom. Up until 1978, god was prejudice against blacks. I guess he had a change of heart. Actually not, because his mouthpieces on earth, Mormon prophets, have never apologized for a century and a half of racism.

More people are becoming aware of the simple phrase, "As man is, god once was. As god is, man may become." This has been a fundamental concept in Mormonism. And yet Mormon prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, denies knowing much about it... "I don't know that we teach that." You certainly do teach it, you lying fraud.

Mormons believe the Bible version of the creation and the fall of Adam and Eve. However, their concept of it is different. Adam and Eve were given contradictory commandments. They were told to multiply and replenish the earth (have lots of babies, a concept that still exists strongly in Mormonism today) and were also commanded not to eat of the fruit of the tree. The problem, is that until they had eaten the fruit, they were infertile; they could not have children. They had "celestial" bodies and would live forever in ignorance. Partaking of the fruit, and the resulting "fall" changed their bodies and they were suddenly aware that the other looked really good naked!

I just wonder, how come they couldn't have children with their celestial bodies, and yet god can?

If there are contradictory teachings in Mormonism, it doesn't matter. They justify it by saying, "God's laws are higher than our laws. We will understand someday."

So, god Eloheim lives in the Celestial Kingdom on the planet Kolob and has a physical body of flesh and bones. He loves you and can't wait to damn you!

Oh yea, and he needs your money!

Just another evil apostate...

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