Thursday, February 21, 2008

What the Scriptures Don't Teach

Here's a good question that I have been thinking about lately...

According to the LDS church, Jesus established his true church while he was on the earth. His church back then, was identical to Mormonism today since Mormonism claims to be the truth restored.

If Jesus did found his true church, then the Bible should contain the fulness of the gospel. And if Jesus established his true church in the Americas, as the Book of Mormon claims, then it too should contain the fulness of the gospel.

That being the case why does neither the Bible nor the Book of Mormon:
  • Clearly teach about eternal families?
  • Detail temple work for the dead or other temple ceremonies?
  • Teach that tithing is necessary for salvation?
  • Describe the concepts of home and visiting teaching?
  • Outline the incredible "ear-ring" commandment?
  • Require secrecy? In fact, they both condemn it.
  • Have the Word of Wisdom?
  • Have the temple recommend interview questions?
  • Teach that temple attendance is necessary?
  • Teach constant bearing of your testimony?
If anyone has more items they can think of to add to this list, I would appreciate it. So really, if the Bible and the Book of Mormon really do contain the fulness of the gospel, why are there so many Mormon beliefs that are not taught in either book?

So in addition to all the teaching that are found in the scriptures, the Mormon religion heaps even more expectations and demands on it's followers. Honestly! If neither book contains the teaching, then why do the LDS believe it? They will say it is because we have revelation, but that doesn't add up. The Book of Mormon is supposed to contain the fulness of the gospel, which means everything! There should be no more additional beliefs beyond what the Bible and Book of Mormon teach.

Just think about it!

Just another evil apostate...

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