Saturday, March 8, 2008

Amazing Predictions!

I was at a family function recently where a TBM sibling was beaming over how wonderful the Book of Mormon is. She was saying, "Did you know that the BoM describes, in detail, the Constitution of the United States?"

Whoa! Not hard to do considering the Book of Mormon is fiction and was written after the Constitution. It's not too hard to predict something that has already happened.

The Book of Mormon also talks about Christopher Columbus. But again, it's not too hard to predict the discovery of America in 1492 when the prediction takes place in 1830!

You'll have to do a little better than that to impress me! LOL

Just another evil apostate...


Anonymous said...

You know what makes you pathetic? The fact that you are too scared to man up and admit that you don't believe in the LDS faith to those around you. You won't even come out of the closet to your wife, who by the way senses something is wrong and assumes your cheating on her when you are really lying to her. You live a lie. Grow a pair and admit to your family what you really feel. WUSS! You probably still go to church and do all of that other stuff so you won't look bad in front of everyone. You would rather hide behind your computer than be honest to yourself and those around you. PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot. Be sure to critique my english and use what I said in your next blog update. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

2 posts in one day that's more than you have had in months. You live a lie you hypocrite! Bash "TBM's" for doing it when you do it yourself.

Just another evil apostate... said...

Because it's blaringly obvious that you haven't read hardly anything I've written, I'll overlook your onslaught of insults.

I have stated very clearly and openly that:

1) I haven't been to church in years. I'm not just hiding behind my computer.

2) I'm not lying to my wife about anything... she is perfectly aware of my "apostasy". In fact, she reads my blog on occassion.

3) If anyone asks what I believe, I will bluntly tell them. But I don't go tooting my horn to everyone because they will respond just like you have and BADLY misjudge me. I keep my mouth shut for my own sanity; not to "look good" to anyone.

Unfortunately, you are right. I've had very few comments but I'm working to resolve that.

Now, you are welcome to stay and comment if you'd like but let's refrain from name calling, shall we? I don't know you and you don't know me, so don't comment like you're the authority on my life. Believe me, you have no idea.

Also, before you comment further, why don't you spend a little time reading my blog so you're not completely clueless next time. :)

Like I've always said (not that you would know) if you can dispute me, then I welcome it. But if all you can do to defend your precious church is call names, then my job here is done!

Just another evil apostate... said...

Dear Anon,

It's been five days since you left your friendly comments for me. Where are you now?

Do you know what makes you pathetic? The fact that the only recourse you have against me is name calling. You can't dispute anything I've said.

Now where is your precious spirit to help you confound me? Is all that name calling what Jesus would do? Truly, you are setting an amazing example for all other Mormons to follow. Whatever happened to turn the other cheek?

It's you who is pathetic. Like I said before and have said many times, if you can prove me wrong, then do it. I welcome and invite it.

But who is the one who's hiding now? You pop in here, anonymously slam me with insults, and then disappear.

Again, typical TBM behavior. When it comes to defending their precious church, they are complete hypocrites about it.