Monday, March 31, 2008

TBM Defenders

In my last post, I talked about how Mormons are unhappy liars who are burdened down with guilt and shame from their precious LDS church. I am going to look at some comments left on various blogs by Mormons defending the church. I will show you with their own words that everything I have said is true.

Since I don't link to or affiliate with any organization or other website or blog, I will not link to my sources*. I will, however, guarantee that the quotes I will share were actually written by TBM Mormon defenders. Here is fabulous quote # 1:

"Reading over this stuff makes me think this [blogger] is a whiny exwife in reality. He resembles a bitchy exwife more than a man. If this is really a man, sounds like his wife left him for his mormon leader, his kids turned to drugs, the bank repo'd his broken mini-van, and his dog pissed in his cheerios "causing" him to blame the mormons en mass for his crappy life/outlook.

"I see this shit as an attack on freedom of religion, all the while trying to silence any opposition with filth and what appears to contextually inaccurate attacks, plus more. I find myself siding with mormons because of you and your ilk, even just to defend that freedom, which should be without persecution, and nothing else.

"Down with religious and emotional terrorism! Defend the mormons from these type of freaks! If not, you will be next when they cannot tolerate your religion, or beliefs and/or think you are too weird for their tastes."

First of all, this person starts out by personally attacking the blog author. Notice how this commenter admits that the blogger probably had a miserable Mormon life? Funny, how this commenter is actually admitting that Mormon life sucks.

His perceived "inaccurate attacks" are actually documented facts. But Mormons are blind to the real truth.

Then this TBM defender uses a swear word; very Christlike! Doesn't it make you want to be a strong Mormon defender just like this guy? He then states that anti-LDS bloggers are terrorists and opposed to freedom of religion. Do you see that if Mormonism ruled the world, anyone who does not believe it will be slammed into the ground? No one would have the right to free speech. Anyone who opposes the church will be labeled "terrorists". This commenter has the mindset that free speech against the church is terrorist in nature. Now you can see how Mormonism views the outside world. If you are not with them, then you are the enemy.

He then calls us freaks. This is what Mormons think of everyone who is not them. Freaks! We got out of the church and are simply expressing our feelings about it and this righteous, priesthood-holding TBM is saying that anyone who does not believe what he believes is a freak.

The bottom line, if you are not Mormon, you are a terrorist freak. Only their people have the right to share their beliefs with the entire world. Anyone else who does it is a terrorist who is opposed to free speech. This comment give great and wonderful insite into the TBM mind and Mormon brainwashing mindset.

"fuk u u dumb fuk we dont believe in cartoons u dumb fuk yes i am a member and i swear so fuk u dumb fuk. u give FUCK a bad name so i choose to use fuk u dumb fuk and i suggest u go and eat a dik u fukhead"

Do I even need to comment on this one? This Mormon defender can't say "fuk" enough can he? Where did this guy learn how to spell or use puctuation? Sure makes me want to go right back to church!

"You are decieved, and I will no longer converse with you, swine!"

This comment is short but says a ton! First of all, it shows that Mormons believe anyone who is not them, is deceived by the devil. Next is their true feelings about those who choose to exercise their freedom of religion by leaving the Mormon church and those who choose to exercise their freedom of speech by talking about it... swine. If you are not Mormon or say anything in opposition to it, you are swine. Again, a perfect example of how Mormons view the outside world. If you are not them, you are deceived swine.

Isn't the gospel of Christ supposed to be all about love? If someone "falls away" you are supposed to accept them and love them and try to lead them back by setting a good example. Well, this commenter must have missed church the day they talked about that. This guy seems to think that name calling is going to help me feel the spirit and want to repent and be just like him: a condescending name caller.

This comment further demonstrates Mormon arrogance. Again, if you are not Mormon, you are swine.

I hope these comments have helped give some insite into Mormon thinking. Their own comments prove that they are unhappy and miserable. They take that unhappiness and lash out at anyone who dares to say the church is not true. They are not reserved with the swear words or name calling, are they? They cuss and swear, all in the name of god. This behavior is shameful and pathetic, and is once again, a real testament to the fruits of Mormonism.

*I have since changed this policy.



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Mormon Judge goes after adult daughter for leaving AZ. see

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What I personally would cal a bunch of sanctimonious, hypocritical bastards. These unbelievable scum float to the surface of the net by enjoying the anonymity that it offers. What a mate and I call keyboard warriors!They seriously lack good manners and the ability to use a spellchecker! Btw the names Pete Hockley, just hung up opn pirates and FSM. Bless His Noodly Appendages!

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