Sunday, March 23, 2008

They Are All Around Us...

I'm talking about ex-Mormons... There are more of them than people would think. Today I got talking with a neighbor and it turns out that both she and her husband are ex-Mormons. It was a pleasant surprise. Her husband even served a mission.

I had heard them talking in the past about how one of their parents is always trying to drop the Mormon subtle bomb on them by sending Ensign subscriptions to their house and stuff like that.

The church is losing members at a rate faster than ever before.

It's a good thing, considering that Mormonism has many mind games in place to keep members loyal and faithful. The thing about getting out of Mormonism is that no one can convince you that the church is not true... You have to discover it for yourself. TBM's have their testimonies hard-wired and the only way to break it, is to do it yourself.

I've talked in the past about how Mormonism is a prison and yet the door is wide open. Most of them cling to the prison bars especially when ex-Mo's try to encourage them to leave. Truly, the only person who can set you free of your mental prison is yourself; and that can only happen when YOU want it to.

For the past several years, the church has had a decline in it's growth rate. This is due to several factors which are:
  • A reduction in full time missionaries
  • Bloggers and web masters who take the time to publish their information and thoughts
  • In general, all the information that is now available online
We need to keep fighting. Some people may say that Mormonism may be good, even if it is not true. I don't disagree that for some people it is good. But any organization that lies to it's members about it's past, while claiming to be the only true church literally lead by Christ himself, is not even worthy to be called a church. They talk about being honest and yet those liars and hypocrites knowingly keep millions of their followers in the dark about real and important issues. I have discussed most of those issues already.

Any TBM can come in here and tell me that everything I've talked about is just "my opinion" but the fact is, they are not my opinions, they are documented facts.

As a TBM myself, I had heard some of the anti-Mormon claims and I had heard the Mormon answers to them. I really thought that Mormonism was true and could not be confounded. I really thought I had all the answers. I thought all anti-Mormons had been permanantly debunked.

But now, seeing the whole big picture, I realize that those Mormon explanations are desperate and pathetic. They contradict themselves and each other. They force apologists to deny and/or change Mormon beliefs and traditions that have been accepted as facts by the Mormons for a century and a half! If you want to lose your testimony, just visit an apologists website.

I got a little off topic and soon I'll write a post dedicated to how ridiculous and phony those apologists are.

Just another evil apostate...

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