Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Evidence that Jesus Never Existed

For lots of great articles and web sites, just type "the Jesus myth" into your internet browser address bar. Rather than take all the time to go through each one and summarize it, I will just place the links to my favorite articles. If anyone is so inclined, they can follow the link and read the article themselves.

This should suffice for now. I am looking forward to your comments!

Just another evil apostate... This page contains links to several different articles. Thank you, Ray Agostini, for sharing this. By all means, please continute to leave comments.

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Ray Agostini said...

Here is another one of interest, but it's an involved debate about the pros and cons.

Jesus: History or Myth

G.A. Wells has written several books on this subject. If you do a search on his name you'll find them on Google.