Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life Is A Test, Continued...

Like I said in the last post, Mormons believe that life is a test and in order to get your blessings, you must pass with 100%. Even 99% is not good enough. The test consists of donations of your time, money, talents, and personality.

Even if you are baptized, endowed, temple married, all with the proper authority, it means nothing if you do not endure to the end. That means, live your entire life working your ass off for the LDS church. Only when you die do you get to stop. You must:

  • Fulfill any and all callings
  • Pay a full tithe
  • Attend church regularly
  • Attend the temple frequently
  • Do your home or visiting teaching
  • Have regular worthiness interviews with your bishop
  • Attempt to convert all your non-member family and friends
  • Obey all the rules or commandments, which consist partially of: Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, clean thoughts and actions, girls only one pair of earrings, etc.
As you can see, being Mormon is a lot of damn hard work! After 30 years of that nonsense I finally threw up my hands and said "Fuck it! I can't hack it anymore!"

It has absolutely nothing to do with the discovery that:

  • Joseph Smith was a polygamist, and had sexual relations with multiple women, very much against Emma's consent.
  • Joseph Smith was found guilty of fraud in a court of law for using his magic peep-stone (or Urim & Thummim) to help local farmers find buried treasure in their property.
  • Joseph Smith sent men away on missions and then married their wives to himself while they were away.
  • Joseph Smith "translated" the Book of Mormon by putting his rocks in a hat and then sticking his face in the hat.
  • Joseph Smith totally fabricated the Book of Abraham. The original scrolls have been found and proven to be common Egyptian funeary texts that have nothing to do with Abraham and are even dated 2,000 years after the time of Abraham.
  • there is no archeological evidence that supports the Book of Mormon AT ALL!
  • there are multiple versions of the "First Vision" and they contradict each other.
  • many early, prominant church leaders were totally unaware of Joseph Smith's claim to have seen God.
  • Brigham Young was a tyrant who actually enforced the "Blood Atonement" on his members.
  • etc...
As you can see, I've totally screwed myself out of riches, kingdoms, mansions, power, and glory! And it was all because I was just too damn selfish to keep enduring.

I find it very ironic that the very things that they warn that are evil (riches, power, glory of men, etc.) are the very things they promise you in exchange for 100% no-questions-asked obedience your entire life. Heaven is not about money and power and yet the promise of going there is based on those very things! LDS, Inc. knows that people will do anything for money and so they promise it as the final reward to all the faithful! What a scam! What a lie! Their hungry, selfish, greedy followers eagerly do anything they are told because they are hoping to cash in on the big reward.

Life is a test... And I'm finally passing it!

Your evil apostate

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"Blood Atonement"

These guys where absolutely hatstand!