Friday, June 13, 2008


Let's talk about those fanatical whack jobs.

First of all, they are so in love with Jesus that they can't see any type of common sense or reason. And yet they are so quick to condemn you to hell just because you don't believe in their version of Jesus. How pathetic!

I mean, they are all so convinced that everyone except them is under the direct influence of the devil.

Now, if all you have to do, according to them, is say the simple words, "Jesus, I accept you as my personal saviour," then why do they need Bibles and churches? If that was all it took, the "good book" would only need one page, one paragraph, one sentence.

Christians are so busy damning everyone to hell that they don't realize that they are the Pharisees as described in the New Testament. They went around condemning everyone, thinking that they, and they alone, were saved, and that they were better than everyone else.

The most hardcore Christians have missed Jesus' message entirely. While they preach damnation and hell, Jesus preached love and acceptance. I find it so ironic that in their hardcore pursuit of Jesus, they not only missed the boat, they missed the whole river!

Now get this... According to Christians, if I don't believe in THEIR GOD, exactly as they believe him to be, I am damned forever. Their god is so jealous that if I don't believe every jot and tittle like the "saved" then I'm going to hell. Now, I ask, why would I want to believe in or worship a god who is so unforgiving that if I didn't pray to him in a certain building, then I'm damned? That god is a hypocrite who doesn't even understand his own Bible! That god is shallow and superficial.

If the only thing he judges me by is my beliefs, and he completely ignores any of my actions and the fact that I am a good person, then that god is pathetic. I'd rather go to hell then believe in a god like that. I'd rather be athiest than running around with the false belief that it's my holy calling to judge and condemn everyone around me to hell.

Warning to all fanatical Christians: remember, in your own book it says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

It also says, "Behold, there are many who will say, did I not cry low here and low there? And the lord will say, depart from me; I know you not. They draw near to me with their lips and with their mouths do honor me, but their hearts are far from me."

That would be you, fanatical, judgemental, condemning Christians. If anyone is going to hell, it's you! So enjoy all your righteous glory while you still have it! Hypocrites!

Evil Apostate...

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