Monday, August 4, 2008

Mormons Are The Shit (So They Think)

Seeing as how Mormons believe that they alone have the true authority to act for god, what I am about to write shouldn't even surprise you.

An LDS ward is a geological area and all members living within the boundaries belong to that ward. However, Mormon power goes beyond just the members... it even extends to the non-members.

I once had a bishop explain to me how he is the spiritual leader of EVERY SINGLE PERSON living in the ward boundaries. Whether they recognize it or not, and even if they go to a different church, he is their true leader.

This type of thinking is exactly what got the Mormons driven out of state after state. They literally think that they rule the world.

In spite of all the evil on the internet, god allowed it to be invented for one reason: and family research.

America, a country built on the premise of religious freedom, was founded for one reason: LDS, Inc.

Telephones and planes were invented so that the LDS gospel could be quickly spread.

In fact, ever since the true church was restored and the priesthood is back on earth, man, in general, is once again able to receive revelation and therefore, technology has grown by leaps and bounds.

Folks, we owe it all to Mormonism.


Anonymous said...

Last temple recommend interview I ever went to was about 10-12 years ago . . . . In that interview I was told I should "avoid the internet".

I am and was a Sysadmin.

Just another evil apostate... said...

Of course, they will tell you to avoid anything that might expose you to the real truth.