Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Latest Prophesy From Temple Square!

This Just In!

For those of you who might not have gotten the underlying message, it is basically making fun of the true LDS prophets who never seem to prophesy anything. All they ever preach is the same old stuff: tithing and unconditional obedience. That's it! You would think a true prophet of god would come up with something a little original once in a while!

Oh that's right! They did! Their latest commandment or revelation from on high: Ladies, only one earring per ear. No, it's not the destruction of a city or the hiding places of terrorists... it's a humble revelation about your ears. It's so nice to know that god cares about your ears and that our leaders are so inspired!

TBM's will explain the absence of real revelations this way: "We have been given commandments from the lord and as soon as the people more strictly obey the lower laws and commandments, more will be revealed. Until then the heavens are silent. We can't have more until we understand and obey what we already have."

Now, keep paying, praying, and obeying. And take out that other earring, damn it!

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