Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Want Me To Prove That Jesus Doesn't Exist?

I can't...

But, if Christianity can be shown to be false, then Mormonism and every other Christian-based faith will be false by default.

It's funny to me that when I challenge a Christian, they always want me to prove to them that god doesn't exist. But I don't believe in their god, so why should I have to prove anything? The burden is on the believers to prove the existance of their god, not the other way around.

So basically they will just keep on believing in their little fairy tale until it is proven that it's not true. Honestly, how stupid is that?

...but I also can't prove that Santa Clause doesn't exist either!

Even though we all generally agree that Santa Clause is not real, I can't even prove that he doesn't exist! Although the idea of flying reindeer, toys for every single kid in the world, fitting down everyones chimney, etc., is highly unlikely, I can't actually prove that it's not true.

So you'll just have to judge things by their face value. Just as reindeer, etc., is highly unlikely, so too is walking on water, feeding 5,000 people with 2 loaves of bread, bringing people back from the dead, and commanding the weather.

As an ex-Mormon and ex-believer in Jesus, I have learned one very valuable lesson... just see things as they are. When you do that, the truth becomes glaringly obvious. You don't need proof or self-brainwashing. It's just the truth in it's simplest form. No debates, no evidence, no faith. Just plain old truth staring you in the face.

So I'm not going to prove that Jesus doesn't exist. I wouldn't even if I could! There is no need to as the truth stands on it's own.

I pray (pun intended) that my words will help guide someone to the peace and simpleness that I have found.

Please remember, Mormons and Christians, I am not your enemy. I am simply a person who has found the simple truth and am just trying to share it with anyone who will listen. It is not because I am afraid you will go to hell. It's not out of a sense of duty. It is simply because I have found my inner peace and it is so wonderful that I want everyone to feel it too.

Many will not listen to me and that is okay. To each their own. But I hope that I can someday be able to claim that I, personally, was responsible for bringing this freedom to someone's life. That is my hope.

To all of you who wish to continue worshiping your imaginary god, I do wish you happiness as well. I'm sure many of you are happy. I just wish you would allow me to show you more. Once I realized that Jesus is a myth, my fear of damnation vanished like a puff of smoke and I can now live my life without the false belief that I am under a heavenly microscope. Now I am free from all that superstitious nonsense. And when you're not wasting time praying to "god" and trying to explain him away, you now have time for more constructive thinking. The new discoveries you will make will astound you. And it will suddenly be so clear that you'll wonder how come you didn't see it years and years ago. It's all so simple. All you have to do is eliminate Christian programming out of your head. When you do that, the clarity is amazing.

Now I'm not sitting here claiming that I know all the absolute truth. Not even close. I guess I could say that my truth is that there is no truth. Just live your life and get rid of superstitious beliefs. See things as they are and don't read too much into stuff. That's all I've done, and I've never been happier or more sure of things.

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