Friday, October 24, 2008

Help Us Petition the LDS Church to Stop Forcing Their Doctrines On Everyone

As I have written about before, the LDS church is actively engaged in supporting Prop 8 in California. The church, which is supposed to be politically neutral, is running ads and spending millions of dollars to pass it.

I just received the following information in an email from an aquaintance of mine who is gay:

The Mormon Church is trying to impose its religious doctrine on California and eliminate the fundamental rights of Californians, by actively supporting the campaign to pass Prop 8.

The church has raised over $8 million to fund TV and radio ads that blatantly lie and distort the facts.

I just signed a petition letter from the Courage Campaign to the President-Prophet of the Mormon Church. They are going to deliver the letter on Tuesday.

Can you join me and sign the letter?


For more information about the issue please visit:

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