Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is the LDS Church Really Politically Neutral?

Well, the LDS church is at it again... proving to the world just how hypocritical they really are. This church, which claims to be politically neutral, is once again encouraging it's members on how to vote.

Currently it is legal in California for a gay couple to marry. However, there is currently a bill being discussed which, if passed, would bring an end to that right. Now, I seriously doubt it will pass, but the LDS church is encouraging it's California members to vote for it.

Here is the Fox13 news report: LDS Church Stands behind Calif. Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot

Watch this video and then decide for yourself. Just remember that the church has a history of being racist, anti-feminist, and anti-gay. Just because they believe something, they think they have to force it on everyone.
How do you like this picture of the Salt Lake City temple through the iron bars?


thedyeguy said...

For the information of all of your readers, the church works very hard to be politically neutral. When things come up that have a moral stance that can influence the members and the world the church makes a stand on these MORAL issues. The church is a world wide church and cannot say to vote for a certain person because there are members of the church from all over the world. Furthermore, there are members and leaders of the church from every political party and clime.

Mormon411 said...

Yes I understand that the church has it's position on moral issues and it should. However, it should not encourage it's members on how to vote. A few years ago the church sent out letters to all bishops and had them read letters, in sacrament meeting, that encouraged members to write to their congressmen and petition them to vote a certain way on a certain issue. Sure, the church can take a stance, but it should be completely silent when elections happen. Encouraging members to write to their congressmen and vote a certain way, like in the video, is not right, especially since they claim so staunchly to be politically neutral.