Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Utah Sucks

The entire world looks at Utah and just laughs! The laws and the people are just crazy.

In Utah, one can not go to a bar without paying a state-required membership. Show me one other state that has a goofy law like that! Recently this issue has been under debate and it could change... but this is a state run by Mormons and I doubt that it will.

Here is the pathetic argument that those in favor of memberships give: "If we remove memberships, what kind of message are we sending to our children?" Um, the message that adults are adults and can have a fucking beer if they want to! It's not like bars have an open door policy to anyone. They check ID's just like any other state. So it's not like kids are just going to wander in and have their virgin eyes burnt out!

Further, if you want to go to a titty bar in Utah, it's not really a bar because the state will not allow conscenting adults to look at a naked girl and have an alcoholic drink at the same time. You can go to a private club and have a drink, but the girl dancers are required to wear nipple pasties and thong underwear. Now I ask you, is that not a self-defeating concept? I can go to a titty bar but I can't see any tits.

Alcohol but no nude dancers...

Nude dancers but no alcohol...

Utah is a fucking day care. This is a state where the rights of conscenting adults are stripped away by the fucking Mormons. They preach high and low that they believe in free will but when it comes right down to it, they will take away any choice that they believe is "sinful". You know, there are non-Mormons in Utah! There are nevermo's in Utah. They shouldn't have to be forced to live the Mormon standard if they don't want to!

Guess what, Mormons! The world looks at you cooky nuts and laughs. If you're so offended by titty bars, THEN DON'T GO! But if the rest of us want to, we shouldn't have to drive to another state just to enjoy a drink and see a naked girl.

This is exactly the reason that no one wants a Mormon president. They would jump in and take away all our freedoms in the name of their standard. They truly can leave the world, but not leave the world alone. Then they wonder why people like me talk "negative" about their perfect church.

Utah sucks and no matter how much the church denies it, the church runs this state. They are extremely politically involved, including encouraging members on how to vote for certain issues...

Fox13 news did a report on this very debate just last night. Here is a link to that story. You have to watch an ad first... Utah Liquor Laws

How did you like that one guys comment, "When they go into that environment..." What the hell is he talking about? No bar just lets a kid wander in... but that's Utah for you. People are so afraid that they are going to hell if their kids even see an alcoholic drink. Utah needs to lighten the fuck up!

Kudos to the guy who said, "It's a parenting issue, not an enforcement issue..."

Amen and amen!

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