Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Mormon Je$u$

Somehow, one of those little Jesus cards that the missionaries hand out ended up on my entertainment center. I have no idea how it got there. It's the one that offers a free DVD if you call. Naturally, this is just a way for them to get referrals and more converts.

Across the top of this card are printed the words: "Faith in Christ can help you resolve personal and family challenges."

Just what exactly is this statement implying? Let's analyze it and see, by common sense, if it really is true.

It seems to boldly be saying that unless you have faith in Jesus, you can't have a normal functioning life. Anyone who doesn't have faith in Christ will be unable to resolve their personal and family challenges. Is that true?

Let's go to a nation where the majority religion is not Christianity. How about Japan. According to this flyer, all Japanese families are running around in utter confusion, unable to resolve any problems. Because this is so, the problems keep piling up and just get worse and worse and worse. Because this is happening to every family that does not have Christ, (which would be almost every family in the entire country) the economy of Japan would quickly fall apart.

But is this what is happening in Japan? No. So the claim to need Jesus for family happiness and functionality is false.

But looking even deeper at this statement, reveals some pretty bad insite into the character of Jesus himself. He's supposedly our older brother, at least that's what Mormons believe.

Now what kind of a brother would stubbornly refuse to help his own siblings unless they profess him as their king? Only an asshole of a brother. For a person who is so full of love and mercy, Jesus sure has a lot of conditions that must be met before he will help you.

The Biblical Jesus sat and ate with sinners. A noble example. But the Jesus of Mormonism will only associate with you once you display your "faith" in him. And of course, that means pay him. If the Jesus of the Bible ever met the Jesus of Mormonism, he would kick his ass up one side and down the other! The Jesus of the Bible did not want money. But the Mormon Jesus sure does!

In fact, the Mormon Jesus wants skyscrapers, churches, temples, malls, hotels, ranches, and businesses.

From now on when referring to the Mormon Jesus, I will spell it



Long Ben Avery said...

Please, insight not insite.

Mormon411 said...

Hey, no one's perfect