Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mormonism Destroys Families

On many levels, Mormonism destroys families. As pro-family as the church claims to be, their actions tell an entirely different story.

Consider the convert who, despite being shunned by his family, decides to join the Mormon church. He is told by his family that if he becomes a Mormon, they will dis-own him. The church gladly takes this convert.

Now, if the church was really pro-family, what would they do in this example? They would tell this convert to remain in his religion so that he could have peace with his family. If, at some point in the future, the rest of the family decides to join, then the church should welcome all of them together.

This convert is then publically praised for being valiant enough to leave his family to join the church.

Now let's say that some time passes and this new convert has managed to patch up his familial relationships. Presently, he decides to get married in the temple. Then comes the next blow to the converts family: you're not welcome inside our precious temple.

The converts family is actually forbidden from witnessing the wedding of their own son. The LDS church is so full of themselves that non-member family members are not even allowed to enter the building.

Mormons are so goddamn arrogant! If it was really the true church, would it forbid family members and other loved ones from participating in and witnessing the marriage ceremony?

On every LDS building (with the exception of the temple) is the phrase, "visitors welcome". Is that really true? The only reason a visitor would be welcome is so that they can do everything they can to convert him. But if he has no intention of joining the church, is he really welcome? No. In fact, they would rather not have him around because he might influence them with his worldly thinking.

Then to top it all off, this convert has been in the church a long time and has a little Mormon family of his own. Presently, he reads some real Mormon history and leaves the church. His wife goes to the bishop for "council" and he instructs her to divorce him for the simple reason that he is no longer a believing member. So, once again, a family is torn apart simply because Mormons are so very intolerant of any other beliefs.

Isn't it about time... that the LDS church practice what they preach?


BarbaraJoanneBJ said...

Thank you for this.

Mormon411 said...

You're welcome!

Lisa Lawson said...

This blog touches upon one very small area in which Mormons are capable of destroying families. I am dealing with the mother of my grand child and her Bishop father who have falsely accused me and my family of molesting my grandchild. This woman has ripped my grandchild out of her home in one state, taken from her very loving father, moved to UTAH at her father's direction. I am in utah as well and at first when they arrived I spent time with my grand child and then out of the blue I hear that I am being accused of molesting her. This very sick mother is totally influenced by her Bishopric father and doing his bidding to destroy my family because I do not believe the way they do. A man of his position and power blatantly abusing it derives no consequence at this point. I have tried to get to the bottom of this and hit brick walls every where I turn. My son the babies father is having a hard time contacting and seeing his girl as these creeps have sequestered her away and have isolated her from all of us. WE NEVER DID THE THINGS THESE LAIRS ARE SAYING WE DID, and yet they are still able to at the drop of a hat ruin all of our lives. There is so much more I want to write but am getting so angry I have to stop. Thank you for reading.