Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Fastest Growing Church?

In my mothers family, there were seven siblings. In my fathers family, there were five. That is a total of twelve. Of those twelve, only one has left the church. That one is my father. That is about an 8% apostate rate.

In my family (my siblings combined with step-siblings), there is a rather large number of kids. I have recently made a list of everyone and their standing in the church. Keep in mind that everyone was born and raised in the church.
  • 43% are currently active and involved with the church.
  • 14% are on the fence.
  • 43% have nothing to do with the church.

Isn't that an interesting statistic? The church-goers are exactly equal to the apostates. In just one generation the percentage of wayward children has gone from 8% to 43%. The Mormons will view this as Satan hard at work in the last days, deceiving as many as he can.

The people with brains will see it as the sharing of information and real church history. Us free-thinkers know that there is no Satan.

Either way, the church is losing! If such an alarming number of people are seeing the truth and leaving, how is it supposed to fill the whole earth as Joseph Smith predicted it would?

Every year the growth percentage shrinks. And as a fellow ex-Mormon/Atheist blogger pointed out to me, the office of resignations in the church office building has been swamped with name-removal requests.

I don't know if the numbers I have shared here are a true representation of what is happening church wide, but it is what is happening in my family.

Even the elite are being weeded out. Isn't it great?

Oh, by the way, the 14% of our fence sitters are only on the fence at all because of social pressure. If left to their own devices, I would bet that most of them would leave the church, or at least cease to be involved with it.

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