Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Object Lesson

On my mission, we attended a church function that was designed to be a testimony builder. It was one of those object lessons where everyone is on a plane and suddenly the plane crashes. Everyone is dead and is now facing judgement. Naturally, those who are strong in the church get to go to the Celestial Kingdom. Everyone else goes somewhere else.

I probably wouldn't have even remembered this event if it wasn't for one of the young women in the branch. Afterwards, she was in tears.

She was the only active member in her whole family. Her parents would allow us to visit her and were friendly, but they weren't interested in the church at all.

When we asked her what was wrong, she told us through the sobs that she was afraid for her family. She really feared that they were all going to go to hell. I don't remember what we said to console her.

But isn't that just funny? Not laughing funny, but ironic funny. The one and only true church that is supposed to be the only true source of happiness is actually making people sad and miserable.

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