Monday, August 17, 2009

Mormons Celebrate Catholic Church

This just in! Right off the LDS Churches official news website: President Monson joins the Catholic church in celebrating a 100 year old cathedral in downtown SLC.

Isn't the Catholic church the church of the devil according to Mormon doctrine? In fact, it was made perfectly clear in Mormon Doctrine. Later versions of this book had that teaching removed. However, I was always taught that the Catholic church was the whore of the earth. (You know, for stuff like praying to Mary and other saints, for baptism by sprinkling, for believing in the Trinity, and other things like that. I always thought it was very fitting that Catholic school girls have to wear mini-skirts as part of their school uniforms. Just raising up their little whores!)

Naturally, statements and teachings like this make the LDS church (who never criticizes other churches) look very bad. So what do they do? Remove all access to any references to teachings and quotes of this nature and run around pretending like they were never said. They are getting really good at doing it. They have thousands of latter-day saints believing that the doctrine of valiance in the pre-existance = white skin and prosperity in this life is a false doctrine.

This makes me lose whatever respect I ever had for them. You see, if they would just come out, admit that the teachings were wrong, and then apologize for them, at least they would have ONE quality to admire: integrity. But no. They just hide the quotes and pretend that they were never said. Or they try to pass them off as someone's "opinion". Then they turn around and preach their doctrine of "accountability". F#c&i*g hypocritical cowards!

So now, all over the Church News you can see Monson pretending to be "happy" that the Catholic church has a strong presence in Utah.

If we are supposed to emulate the great example set by these noble leaders, then we should be: dishonest, liars, hypocrites, money hungry, and completely void of integrity.


JR said...

I agree with your post 100%. It's a shame the organization (I never use the word church with LDS)is the way it is. Most of the people are very decent, honest hardworking folk....who have been lied to and led down the garden path. Hopefully the Morg will lose their tax exempt status, as they are not a non-prophet denomination, but a huge corporation.

Mormon411 said...

Hi JR,

I'm really hoping that they will too. But if they haven't by now, then what will it take? As a NPO, they are not allowed to get involved in political matters, and yet, they do. Of course, they justify it by saying that it is a moral issue, not a political one.

It's just funny to me how, in 1978, they gave the priesthood to blacks in spite of the prophetic declaration by Brigham Young that god would NEVER allow the blacks to have the priesthood.

But when their tax-exempt status was threatened by the federal government because of their racism, they conveniently receive a little revelation saying that now it's okay.

It's just amazing how much the LDS god loves money!