Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Can Be A Monson "Fan"!

I was browsing around on Facebook today and happened across the profile of Thomas S. Monson, the current profit for the LDS church. First of all, I noticed that you can't "add" him as a friend... you can only become a "fan".

That tells me that he doesn't really care about anyone. He wants you to be a follower but doesn't want to have to interact with all the mindless Mormons who constantly sing his praise.

But the part that really made me laugh was a comment in the review section. All the "fans" of Monson seem to think this is the place to bear their testimonies and kiss the ass of the profit. This quote by Jennifer Foust made me laugh:

"I love the Good News. The Gospel is wonderful in its fullness. The scriptures are so inspiring and keeps us safe against those who lust after the advisary. I am so blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life."

Have you ever known anyone who "lusts" after the advisary? Lust is a superficial sexual desire, right? So, how can the scriptures protect us from those who want to fuck the devil? Besides, if they do want to fuck the devil, then why do the "sheep" need protecting?

That whole statement just made me laugh and makes absolutely no sense at all.


Anonymous said...

That is just pitiful! I looked and noticed my little sister and cousin on his front page of fans. Yes that's right, I should just quit now, my little sister is posting ass kissing drivel there now.. the world might as well end now, that really sucks.. Hey if you want to kiss ass, go join monsons fan club!! better than mickey mouse, but you have to sell your soul to get in.

Brian W (I don't care who knows it!)

Trav said...
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