Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Few Days

Wow, it's been a couple of exciting days here at Mormon411. I've been flooded with comments from TBM's and I've had a lot of fun responding.

I'd just like to comment on a couple of things from these discussions.

First, is that Mormons view me and anyone like me as evil and angry. Nothing you can say or do will change their mind.

Second, that internet Mormonism is alive and well. For example, when I show an internet Mormon that a certain thing really makes the church look bad his only defense is (to quote the late Gordon B. Hinckley), "So what?"

Third, Mormons judge the world based upon their own values. They view everyone who doesn't live by their principles as miserable and unhappy.

Fourth, testifying, as a last resort, is also alive and well as I referred to in my post entitled "Re: Tactics of anti-Mormons".

Chalk this up as another outburst of my uncontrollable anger...

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Brian said...

I found this online and thought you would enjoy it......Marcus Brigstocke nails it perfectly, Now, I know that most religious folk are moderate and reasonable and wear tidy jumpers and eat cheese, like real people. And on hearing this they’ll mainly feel pity for me, rather than issue a death sentence. But they have to accept that they are the power base for the nutters. Without their passive support the loonies in charge of these faiths would just be loonies, safely locked away and medicated — somewhere nice with a view of some trees where they can claim they have a direct channel to god between sessions making tapestry, drinks coasters, watching Teletubbies and talking about their days in the Hitler Youth. The ordinary faithful make these vicious, tyrannical thugs what they are. See, I get angry that shows like Celebrity and Big Brother and insert-title-of-wretched-show-here still fill our lives with vapid, pointless emptiness, and I wish the producers and development executives would crawl back under the rocks they emerged from, but the truth is they sell stuff that people consume. Without the audience to prop it up, Heat magazine and fundamental religious fanaticism goes away. Imagine what humanity might be capable of if we had that much spare time! We could explore space properly, have decent look in the sea, find a cure for James Blunt, anything!