Monday, February 22, 2010

One Persons Masturbation "Problem"

All About Mormons

Here is a pro-Mormon site that has much information about Mormonism including a question and answer page. This page is for people to ask sincere questions about Mormonism. In fact, it appears that you can't post a question without it being moderated. Most of the questions are from newly baptized members or those seriously thinking about joining.

There was one question that I responded to:

"I want to join the church, but I have a problem with masturbation, how do I prepare myself to get baptized?"

The web site owners don't answer the questions themselves, but allow other visitors to answer. So I typed in the following reply:

"Masturbation is not a "problem". In Mormonism, any type of sexual sin is only slightly less evil than murder. So if you tell your bishop that you masturbate, he probably won't let you get baptized. And once you are baptized, they will pry into your personal life in private interviews. They will ask about your sexuality, masturbation, etc. Here's my advice... find a church that isn't so obsessed with it's members sexuality."

Unfortunately, like all pro-Mormon sites, this one moderates. My response was never posted.

Moderate, moderate, moderate! If you have the complete and utter truth, why do you all hide like cowards behind your moderated websites? If you have the truth, then come out and let's talk.

You've got to follow those pro-Mormon tactics and make sure that investigators never see the other side of the story. If anti-Mormon literature is nothing but lies, as you all seem to think, then why do you hide it from your members and investigators?

Mormonism creates it's own little world where everything is rose-colored. Inside the bubble, there is ignorance and bliss. Outside the bubble, all the evil anti-Mormons are desperately banging on the bubble, looking for a weak spot.

So, Mormons, as long as you live in your safe little bubble, the anti's can't hurt you. But the minute you poke your head outside, you'll get a fresh dose of reality, which, to most of you, is the most abhorrant thing you have ever experienced.

Life in Mormonism is truly like life in a bubble. Build up figurative and literal walls in order to keep the outside world out. Pat each other on the back for being such stud muffins and keep censoring. Just keep your head in the sand. That will keep your precious testimonies safe.

And keep sending out your "bubble recruiters" to knock on our doors and we will keep making them look like the ignorant fools they are.

I used to live in the bubble. Inside the bubble, everything is perfect. You have a fail-proof guide who is physically unable to give bad advice. You have your super-human priesthood which enables you to move mountains and bring dead people back to life. You have a book which is the "most correct of any book on earth" and it was written just for you. Inside the bubble, your young and innocent know more about god than the most educated scholars in the world. Your young and "unlearned" are able to confound even the most educated of wisemen. Inside the bubble, is salvation. Outside the bubble is wickedness and confusion.

This is literally the way it is and perfectly explains why every single pro-Mormon website I have EVER visited, does not tolerate any type of opposition. They moderate and delete comments that even have a hint of disagreement with them.

Mormons live in a bubble. And in that bubble, masturbation and any type of free-thinking is prohibited.

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