Sunday, October 31, 2010

The LDS Churches New "I Am A Mormon" Ad Campaign

I recently had nothing better to do so I flipped the TV to the churches channel (5 I believe) and watched a show they called "Mormon Talk". They were talking about the new ad campaign by the church. According to a spokesman, 58% of the American population admits that they know little or nothing about the Mormons. So the church is running this "I am a Mormon" campaign to show the world that Mormons are just normal people.

Ok, first of all, have you ever seen any other religion that advertises? I haven't. That is just strange to me.

And secondly, why are they so desperate to convince everyone that they are normal? The Mormons used to be proud that they are a "peculiar people". Now they're ashamed of it.

When you say "Mormon" the only thing that most people think of is "polygamy".

These ads feature different people and they all say basically the same thing:

"I like to bow hunt, I am a nurse, and I am a Mormon."

"I am a Jeep enthusiast, I have a funny mustache, and I am a Mormon."

"I ride horses, go camping, love to swim, and I am a Mormon."

And the people on this show, talking about the ad campaign, are proud of it. But all I see is a desperate church. They know that their "sales" are declining. Their little "Isn't it about... time?" campaign didn't do any good so now they're changing their strategy.

The whole thing just sat wrong with me. This is a church that has to advertise to get new members and they are proud of it. They offer free stuff just to get the missionaries in your front door.

On my mission, we frequently got media referrals from people who had called to get a free Bible. They had no idea that they were required to meet with us. During my entire two-year recruiting campaign, not one single media referral turned into a convert. In fact, very few of them even resulted in a first discussion.

Face it, LDS, Inc. Your ads don't work. People don't need a wierd church to remind them to spend time with their families. And people don't care that "You are a Mormon". They just don't care. If someone came on your TV and they said, "I am an atheist," would that make you want to learn more about atheism?

For a church that is so inspired, they sure can't seem to ever get it right.


Follow this link (if you dare) to watch a whole slew of "I'm a Mormon" ads.


laughlogic said...

I too have gone through some crazy stuff when it comes to churches and religion. I am so sorry you went through that. I am not Mormon and I only know some of their beliefs.

I do believe that Jesus is not religion and he doesn't want religion and he didn't want what was put on you to be put on you.

I believe his love for you is deep and that he understands your feelings. I hope you might experience him the way I have in the last year. I grew up in a church community where rules and control were put on me in the name of god (but that was not God's will or doing). I wish I had the right words to say to show you the God that I know now. I hope that I have not come off self-righteous or religious or judging as that is not my heart.

Mormon411 said...

Dear Laughlogic,

You haven't come across as self-righteous. I know that many people are very happy with their beliefs and want to share it. I'm not offended; in fact, I'm touched that you care.

The way you feel about the presence of god in your life is the way I feel about his absence in mine. It was a huge wave of relief when I realized that there is no god.

If the god you worship is real, then he will forgive me for not believing in him, seeing has how he has never given me a good reason to believe.

Thanks for your comment. Have a wonderful day!