Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Free Speech at BYU

BYU represents what the world would be like if Mormons ran everything.

Notice how, at the Q&A session held the next day, that the president ignores everything the student brought up:

"...why does the school so severely limit free speech and what is the school so afraid of?"

The dickhead answers: "The school is not afraid of anything... Next question please."

Yea, except answering sincere questions from concerned students.


MontelloOffGrid said...

....that pretty much says it all! I found the same freedom to speak with my bishop as the student had in the Q&A session with the President, and unfortunately was given a similar response....NOTHING!

Honest and truthful men have nothing to hide!

Cherish Life said...

Typical mormon behavior, livin in denial... avoiding the hard questions. I'm so over it.