Monday, August 8, 2011

The Real Cost of Religious Faith

A caller states: "My church believes that heaven and hell are real places. Guess which one you're going to if you keep this up."

Watch this guy get spanked and sent home with his tail between his legs!


Karahbelle said...

I fricken' love The Atheist Experience. I will have to post a link to an episode that just blew my mind. I'll find it and send it your way. Good stuff.

Karahbelle said...

Found it. And you've probably seen it because it's just...GAH. I heart this.

Heather said...

I loved the bald mans comments towards the end.


Tyson Devereux said...

I don't think I've ever heard on any radio show the caller winning an argument - mainly because the host has all the control over the debate, and take into account the majority of people that call do so based on excessive emotion - so I think the point of who won is kinda mute

But I do think this was a good example of different Atheists out there. The guy in the jacket represents the Anti-God atheists, who only define themselves by being against God. He gets upset over Christians (and rightly so) for saying he's going to hell, but then he turns around and bashes on christians. Not a very good example. The bald guy however I think represents the potential of atheists. I obviously don't agree with it, but he is the Inner Self atheist. To him, it is not a debate about God. He was reasonable in conversation, listened to the caller, tried to understand his position, and made supportive claim of what he believed without tearing apart the other guy.

I just think most atheists I have talked to are too quick to argue against Christians - who are looking for a debate. But I think a good point was brought up - we can't be enemies - but it goes both ways.

Mormon411 said...

Thanks for the link Karahbelle. I'll be sure to check it out.

Welcome back, Heather. Its good to see you again.

Tyson, for once I agree with you. I didn't care for the guy in the jacket either. He seemed too eager to argue. The bald guy had brilliant comments; I found myself clapping. Fortunately, he did most of the talking.

likeatotallie said...

I wish my mind could twist that fast. Then I'll be able to defend myself when accused of going to hell by the rest of my Catholic school.

Mormon411 said...

I hear you. Sometimes when you're on the spot it's difficult to know the right thing to say.