Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Evolution Is True

This video is just short of an hour long and Jerry Coyne provides some very compelling evidence that evolution is a fact.

Creationists have long dwelt on the argument that "transitional forms" don't exist in the fossil record and that Charles Darwin himself admitted that if none could be found, then his theory was incorrect. Well, this video ought to silence them once and for all!

If humans did not share a common ancestory with birds, why do we have non-functional genes for yolk? Why does a human embryo have an empty yolk sac for a short period of time?

Towards the end of his presentation, Jerry shares some scary statistics. The first shows a strong negative correlation between the general acceptance of Darwins theory of evolution and religion. The second, even worse, shows that societies who have a stong belief in god tend to be more dysfunctional, with the United States being one of the worse!

This is great stuff! Religion is poison not only to the mind, but also to the society.

I am going to ask that everyone please refrain from leaving comments until you have completely watched this video. If you are pro-creation, try and refute the evidence that Jerry shares. Let's have a good, clean debate.

Note, Richard Dawkins refuses to even debate with creationists because the very act of debating with them gives them far more credit than they deserve!


khloegold said...

Hi I just wanted to say that I am a Christian but that's probably because they church that a grow but in wasn't a Mormon church (it was orthodox) but If I did grow up in a Mormon church I would probably be an atheist 2, have you tried other Christian faith? like maybe Catholicism? Oh and also in the mormon church you grow up in did you know/see any polygamists?

Mormon411 said...

I have not tried any other Christian faiths. Why leave one set of superstition just to join another? I prefer reality and practical thinking.

I have not had any personal contact with polygamists but my sister knows some and they are really super brainwashed! They believe that if they use birth control that Jesus will show up and chop off your weenie.

Bearz said...

You say 'Richard Dawkins refuses to debate with creationists because him debating with them gives them more credit than they deserve'. A few facts;Dawkins has debated with/interviewed creationists-and on film too, for british television, Channel 4. And he has often been interviewed by other british television channels, he has even appeared in Dr Who! The aspect I want share with you is that in the editing of documentaries where he is interviewing 'his opponents' the oopponent's view is always cut off sharp, he gives them no thanks and he puts an editorial post script by the learned proffessor Dawkins to make sure he has the last word. But when he is interviewed by others he is allowed to finish all his sentences, and thanked at the end. The difference in manners, levels of engagement, and fairness and is quite notable between the two types of interviews. As you know with your mormon background evangelicals rely on 'pester power' (what children use to get their parents to pay for sweets at supermarket checkouts) for pressurising people. Dawkins is an evangelical evolutionist who relies on pester power as much as any other evangelical uses pester power, and he has the same (poor) listening skills as apparently wanting children... I dislike the way he poses as a victim of others, for them not sharing his beliefs....