Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scientific Evidence That The Great Flood Really Happened!

Whenever it is convenient for them, religious people try to use science to their advantage. Naturally, whenever it contradicts them, they immediately reject it and sweep it under the rug. In many cases, evidence is given a twist to slant in their direction. Here's one example:

Sea shells and fossils of water creatures have been found on the tops of very high mountains. How could they have gotten there unless that area was once covered with water? Hence, the flood of Noah really did happen.

What do you think?

It's true. That area was once under water, but it doesn't prove the flood hypothesis. Why?

The earth is very old. The mountains we see and enjoy today weren't always there. Over a long period of time, the mountains were formed when the tectonic plates collided with each other. Since they can't pass through each other, the only direction they could go was up. The areas that were once covered with water slowly saw dry land emerging, bringing up whatever was resting at the bottom of the ocean with them: sea shells, fossils, plants, etc.

This is an example of dishonesty in religion. They twist evidence to fit their point of view. It might be done on purpose; it might be done in genuine ignorance. But whatever it is, it's incorrect. Any religious person who tries to argue that science proves there was once a global flood is either misinformed or purposefully trying to mislead.

Can you think of any other examples were scientific evidence has been purported to fit some religious dogma?


Andrew Hall said...

Well, theists are always trying to get their god (or gods) in the gaps of scientific knowledge. Don't know what happened before the big bang? The answer is God. Don't understand the tides (ala Bill O'Reilly)? God did it.

Mormon411 said...

"To the simple mind everything can be explained with one three letter word." ~ Michael Pain

Emily Shorette said...


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Mormon411 said...

This is a place to come and debate Mormonism, religion, and the existance of god. I'm not opposed to GLBT people in any way, but this is not a place for people to come and promote their own blogs. If your content is interesting and controversial, then people will come.

Citizen Atheist said...

There is no evidence of a great flood. Just because several cultures speak of a great "deluge" does not equate to a flood. The layer of mineral dust found in most parts of the world is likely the result of volcanic activity, not soil drift. The "Little Grand Canyon" is in no way evidence that the real Grand Canyon could have formed in days or even decades. Christians gobble-up pseudo-science by the bucket-full.

Exhalted Outcast said...

There is as much evidence of the "Great Flood" as there is of the "Tower of Babel". NONE!

It's funny, I just posted a piece on my blog about Ray Comfort and his idiocy regarding evolution as well. It's sad but it is what it is........