Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Glad I'm An Atheist

I was over at Laughing in Purgatory and I read one post that listed the top ten reasons why "I'm glad to be an atheist." This got me thinking and I wanted to write my own top ten list of the reasons why I'm glad I'm an atheist.

10. Atheists get two whole days off on the weekend. Theists have to spend one of them in church. Boring!

9. Atheists don't have to wonder if everything they do will be frowned upon by god. Your imaginary friend sure is a judgemental bastard!

8. Critical thinking not only helps you see the obvious falseness of religion but also helps in many other aspects of your life. Critical thinking skills help in decision making and avoiding jumping to pre-mature conclusions.

7. An atheists sense of self worth comes from within... Knowing that you helped someone because it was the right thing to do and you genuinely wanted to, not because god will damn you if you don't.

6. No guilt. I am a human being and I refuse to believe that I am a worthless piece of shit just because I passed through a birth canal!

5. Atheists have better sex because we are not tied down by the burden that sex is a sin and god will be mad at us for it. We can be as uninhibited as we want as long as all parties involved are consensual. It's not a sin to masturbate and it's not a sin to look at porn.

4. No fear. I am no longer afraid of that "god" who has to blackmail me in order to get me to obey. I am no longer afraid of hell. I am no longer afraid of damnation.

3. Honesty. I don't have to put on a show and pretend to be something I'm not. Unlike many Christians who are godly on Sunday and total hypocrites the rest of the week, I am an atheist 24/7, not only when it is convenient for me.

2. No more making excuses for god. No more mental gymnastics to make the evidence fit the beliefs.

1. Mental Freedom! Religion is a prison for your mind! When you escape from religion, you don't think you're enlightened... you know you are!

The Buddah once said, "Just as you can tell salt water because it tastes salty, you can tell enlightenment because it tastes like freedom."


bubba bookworm said...

I respect your being an atheist. My wife is agnostic/atheist, but I am what I call a free thinking christian. I tried most of the christian sects; yes including LDS. I truly believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins but that he loved us and wants us to decide for ourselves. I believe that organized religion is just another way that man developed to control other men. There is much hate in many of today's churches. How can you expect someone to listen and respect your beliefs if you attack them?

Citizen Atheist said...

Unrelated, but I think you'll like this:

Mormon411 said...

Bubba, I'm confused. On one hand, you claim that religion just exists to control people. Then, on the other hand, you say you believe all of it's teachings. Would you please clarify this?

I don't attack religious people. I attack their beliefs. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear.

Besides, Christians do it all the time. In fact, while the Native Americans were in the process of being expunged from existance by good Christian people, the children were forced to live in convents and they were beaten and starved if they spoke their native language and refused to follow Christianity.

There is nothing good about religion and the day I stop fighting it is the day I die.

As Citizen Atheist just shared, some people make good money attacking religion! I love Bill Maher; he's hilarious! And yes, it is true. There is court documentation that Joseph Smith was found guilty of "glass looking", a process by which he looked into the ground with a looking glass to find buried treasure. When it wasn't there, he would claim it had "slipped away". Naturally, his victims were angry when no treasure was found and he wouldn't give their money back.

He was a con man. Thanks for sharing, Citizen Atheist!

Mormon411 said...

BTW, Bubba, I contend that there is no such thing as a "free thinking Christian". If you believe that Jesus had to die so that god's anger against humanity would be appeased, then you are just as hook-line-and-sinker as the rest of them.

WingAbouts said...

Just a thought -- it seems sad to me that with all your freedom you are trying so hard to convince others to share your worldviews. It sort of sounds like the same thing a lot of Christians do on Sundays -- giving up a day of their week "for the cause".

Mormon411 said...

Yes I can see how it looks that way. I actually spend very little time on this blog. Why do I do what I do? Because if no one shared the information they know, then no one would benefit. I don't knock on doors and I don't force it on anyone. This blog is mainly for those people who feel that there must be something more (or less) than religion.

WingAbouts said...

Thanks for responding to my post. I'm enjoying the dialogue. I couldn't get you off my mind this morning and so I "wrote to you" in my blog. That sounds a little more creepy and stalker-like than it is. I just mean that my morning was spent writing about some things that your blog says. I hope, of course you will take time to read it; and if you do, please let me know your thoughts. The title is "Happy Valentine's Day!" and it is about not feeling like a "piece of [crap]".

Anyway, I've got you bookmarked and I'll be back later, your blog is well-written and I find it very interesting.

Mormon411 said...

I will check it out and, no, I don't think it's creepy at all. If I find a worthwhile blog, I comment the crap out of it and kinda go a little crazy writing posts about what they are saying. One example is Child of God at CPR Ezra. You will find a link to her on my side bar. She is a hard-core Christian and we have fun discussions sometimes. So it's all good :)