Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mormon's Reactions to Romney's Defeat

I have been browsing on Facebook and it is almost amusing to see the Mormon reaction to Mitt Romney's defeat.

It is like they are in shock or denial.  Many of them strongly express their opinions about Obama, and, while they are free to voice those opinions, some of them are truly hateful, calling him Hitler, a Muslim, a flake, and his supporters called "stupid".

These are then followed by predictions of doom and gloom for our country: war, economic downfall, higher taxes, and less jobs.

While I am not necessarially happy that Obama won, I am definitely thrilled that Romney lost!

It is interesting to read their comments about how the nation has chosen evil and corruption.  Mormons really have no ability to comprehend that the entire world DOES NOT share their conservative views.

To Mormons, the choice to elect Romney was obvious.  He would fight those evil gays and their horrible, family-attacking marriages.  The fact that Obama won, only further confirms to the Mormons that the world is evil and chooses wickedness over righteousness.  This, of course, further confirms that their beliefs are true.  And yes, to the Mormons, Obama might as well be the anti-Christ.

I find it funny that they were all SO CONVINCED that Romney would win.  Now that he has not, they blame the "evil" people of this country for thwarting the work of god.

In addition, three more states have passed litigation to legalize same sex marriage.  While this is great progress in the cause for universal equality, the Mormons are adamately opposed to it.  And while the gay rights movement continues to make progress, the Mormons will continue to see it as the world lowering and lowering their standards until marriage to animals is allowed!

Mormons oppose equality of the sexes, sexual orientation, race, and religious views.  They seek to make everyone conform to their standards.

And that is why I will NEVER vote for a Mormon president!  My vote will always be for equality of ALL people and those who promote it!

Nov. 9, 2012 Update: I was in the presence of a Mormon today and overheard them say of Obama, "I just wish someone would assassinate his ass!"


Brad said...

Well said!!

erin said...

Can I say "Amen!" without offending anyone? ;)

Mormon411 said...

Thank you. I am sure there will always be someone who is offended.

Heather said...

I'm just glad the whole thing is over. While there is still a "murmur" of disappointment, things are looking to be back to normal. As I knew it would be....

Mormon411 said...

Yes, I'm glad it's over too. It's funny how the political graphics on FB have all but disappeared.