Saturday, November 3, 2012

What Does This Presidential Election Mean to the Mormons?

I grew up being taught that it was a Mormon prophesy uttered by Joseph Smith that someday the government of the United States would hang by a thread and that the Mormon church would save it.

In the book, Discourses of Brigham Young, an edited collection of President Young's sermons from the Journal of Discourses, we read:

"How long will it be before the words of the prophet Joseph will be fulfilled? He said if the Constitution of the United States were saved at all it must be done by this people. It will not be many years before these words come to pass." 12:204.  This link is a pro-Mormon discussion of this topic.
I would not be surprised if many Mormons believe that Mitt Romney is going to fulfill this prophesy by being elected president.  There is no doubt in many Mormon minds that the almighty will swing the vote in Romney's favor. 
Power has been the agenda of the LDS church since the beginning.  Joseph Smith himself ran for president although he was killed before the elections took place.

The Mormons are very hopeful of Romney being elected so that the "influence of the church" may be spread even faster.  I bet that 99% of the Mormons in America will be voting for Romney.  I am terrified of a Mormon in the White House.  I am truly terrified that the country will be run by the Mormon church.  I fear they will try to enact laws at the Federal level that will shove the agenda of Mormonism upon the whole country. 

Then the prophesy of Joseph Smith will actually come true and the government will be hanging by a thread!
I hope that Americans have enough common sense to never send a Mormon to the White House.  Their agenda is power and spreading their influence across the whole world.  If you like having every aspect of your life dictated for you, then vote for Romney.  If you like asinine liquor laws and hardly no distinction between church and state, then vote for a Mormon.
I urge all my readers to not vote for Romney this November 6, unless you want your freedom taken away!

*update* While Romney claims that his presidential decisions will not be influenced by leaders of the Mormon church, everyone who knows anything about Mormonism knows that is not true.  Temple endowed Mormons covenant to do everything in their power to build up the kingdom of god on earth.  His positions on certain political issues are most certainly influenced by the church.  The laws he will try to pass will all most certainly reflect LDS rules and standards.

Remember the LDS church has always wanted power.  What more power can they get than one of their own as president of the most powerful nation in the world?


Debbie said...

Which Mormon law would Romney try to enact first? The law of consecration? HA! As a Republican, and with all his comments that show disregard for the poor, he's already disavowed the law of consecration and any other church doctrine that encourages self-sacrifice and compassion towards the poor.

I think most Mormons don't even begin to understand the radical (socialist!) implications of their religion in its purest form, so a Mormon in the White House is just like any other idiot republican in the White House, in my opinion.

(My opinion doesn't really count, though, as I am Canadian).

Mormon411 said...

I know his views on abortion and gay rights will be a big one. As president, I greatly fear that he will do nothing but impede gay rights, women's rights, and poor rights.

Republicans are focused on money and enterprise. So is Mormonism. Bush is a Republican and he cut federal funding for stem cell research.

Republicans just seem to be anti-progress and pro-money.

Honestly, with either of our presidential candidates, I'm thinking I just might sneak over the border and live in Canada...