Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Same-Sex Marriage Uproar in Utah

Let's face it... Utah is the last place on earth that anyone suspected would legalize same-sex marriage.  Naturally, the Mormons are doing everything they can to appeal this law.

Dated January 10, 2014, the link above is a letter from church headquarters to their local leaders across the country.  Not surprisingly, they continue to maintain that god wants marriage between a man and a woman.

I don't understand something.  If this issue is so important to god, why doesn't he make it known himself?  Why is there always some suit who thinks he (or she) is authorized to enforce god's will on earth?

The Mormons claim to believe in free agency, the right to choose.  If they don't believe in same-sex marriage, fine.  More than fine.  Everyone is entitled to their beliefs.  But when they try to take away the freedom of choice from those who don't agree with them, that is very unChristlike.

What is wrong with simply living your beliefs as you choose and letting others do the same?  I would have much more respect for the church if they would make an announcement saying something to the effect of:

"We believe in marriage between a man and a woman.  However, we also believe in a God who is merciful and loving.  In the end, all are accountable only to Him for their choices.  It is not our place to judge those who are different than us.  We believe in sustaining the law and we pray for our law makers that they will seek the will of God in their decisions.  If it is the law that same-sex marriage be legalized in Utah, we will welcome this diversity.  We will welcome the opportunity to show the world that the Mormons are tolerant and loving; after all, this is the central message of Jesus Christ, after whom our very church is named.  He taught us in the Bible that we are not to judge.  He taught us that we are to love our neighbors.  He taught us to be an example if we want to bring others to Him.

"We do not believe in same-sex marriage, but we cannot, will not, attempt to deny this right to those who desire it.  To our LGBT brothers and sisters, we welcome you to the great state of Utah.  We will not become involved in trying to change the laws.  We will live our beliefs and let others live theirs.  We strongly urge all our members to be Christlike in the way they interact with those who are not of our ways, beliefs, and faith.  Be tolerant.  Be loving.  Be charitable."

Now, would that be so hard to do?  To be truly Christlike is to accept and love those who are different than us.  The LDS church has a strong history of doing the exact opposite... Saying one thing and doing another.

Consider these quotes from the letter I have linked to above and my comments in response to them:

"Changes in the civil law do not, indeed cannot, change the moral law that God has established."

This is a very Mormon thing to say.  They believe their laws and doctrine are above the laws of the land.  This is in direct contradiction to their own Twelfth Article of Faith which states in plain language that they believe in "obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law".  Clearly, this means they sustain the law unless they disagree with it.

"God expects us to uphold and keep His commandments regardless of divergent opinions or trends in society."

Uphold and live your beliefs all you want.  This issue is not one of Mormon doctrine; it is not forcing Mormons to change their beliefs or doctrine.  This is an issue of equality.  If the Mormons don't wish to believe in and participate in same-sex marriage, that is their right.  But they do NOT have the right to take away that right from others, which is exactly what they are trying to do.  Now, if the law was trying to force Mormons to perform same-sex marriage and change their doctrine to allow it, then they would be justified in being enraged. 

"The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to love and treat all people with kindness and civility—even when we disagree."

Strong words!  How about you start practicing what you preach?  How about this: You continue to perform marriages your way in your secret/sacred temple (just like everyone allows you to do even when they disagree with it), and you allow the outside world to get married however they hell they want!  Do you see people trying to pass or prohibit laws that force you to change your way of life?  No, so stop doing it to them!  Live your beliefs, but allow others that same courtesy.  If they are "living in sin," then god will be the judge.

One final thought..

If the big argument here is "marriage between ONE man and ONE woman," then what about polygamy?  Why is it okay for them to challenge the norm when it comes to marriage, but no one else can?  They want to practice polygamy free of persecution, but the moment someone else wants marriage their own way, the Mormons do everything they can to stop it.  What hypocrites!

Yes, the LDS church no longer officially practices polygamy, but they still believe in it no matter what they claim.  They believe that when Jesus returns, the law of polygamy will be reinstated.  They even practice a degree of polygamy now by being sealed to more than one person.  Granted they are only married to ONE living person at a time, but a temple sealing is forever.  Therefore, they will have multiple wives in the afterlife.

It's just so ironic and strange to me that they have stretched the idea of traditional marriage to the limits.  But when someone else does it, they are all in an uproar!  It's almost as if they are jealous that they didn't think of it first!


Jarron Krawec said...

I honestly just don't see how same sex marriage has anything to do with them. It's none of their business what choices people make. You cannot control others' actions and should not be able to dictate how they live.

Brad said...

It doesn't have anything to do with them nor anyone else.

The only thing that drives the Mormons and other religious fanatics is trying to force their beliefs on to others is that they believe that the USofA is some how a chosen nation of God. And if this chosen nation of God allows such "iniquities" then God will punish us as a nation.

Heather said...

I am so passionate about this subject... and legalizing weed but thats totally off subject.

It's almost the same as the Civil Right movement. There are those all for it and all against it- but same sex marriage will eventually win in every state- and hopefully we see it very very soon.

Mormon411 said...

Well said, Brad. That is exactly what it is.

If this refusal by Governor Herbert to recognize the law and those marriages which have already been performed goes to the Supreme Court, it could be the gateway to which same-sex marriage is legalized nationwide!

I would just laugh if Utah, in their desperate attempt to fight equality, was the vehicle by which it was brought to pass!

senigami said...

Ha ha ha, Mormon411, that would be awesome. I would so love to see all the same sex marriage billboards, "Thank you Utah and the Mormons for helping us all to get married" with a bunch of pictures of same sex couples hugging on it. That would be classic.

Mormon411 said...

Yes it would! Maybe for your next post you could design this billboard. Just a thought. It would give people something to think about.