Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why Are People Loyal to Mormonism?

I'm sure that there are many different reasons why people remain loyal to the church. Some people genuinely love it and are very happy in it. Many people stay because of the comforting teachings the church has. I don't know all the reasons why people stay but the reason I stayed is because I was scared. I was afraid of god.

Mormonism is supposed to be all about free agency. We have the right to choose to follow god or follow men. If we "choose" to follow god, we will be rewarded with riches, mansions, and royalty. We will be allowed to be with other worthy family members. If we do not follow god, we will end up in a state of continual misery.

Now when comparing these two choices, it is clear to see that there is no choice at all. I mean, who would willingly choose to be miserable forever? So what we really have here is a jealous god who says "follow me or fry!" I was afraid of frying, so I followed.

God, who loves me unconditionally, would sentence me to hell forever just for trying to follow my own path through life??? That just doesn't make any sense. What exactly does "unconditional" mean? The god of Christianity is anything but unconditional; especially the god of Mormonism. There are 1001 conditions that must be met before you earn your place in heaven. It's all too looney to actually be real.

I can't even describe what a huge relief it was when I finally realized that god is just a man made entity and has no real power to do anything to damn me. I no longer had to follow out of fear. I could tell this god to go fuck himself and it was okay!

I'm not afraid anymore! For many years I was so afraid that I might not make the "Celestial Kingdom". That place is just an imaginary place plagerized by Joseph Smith to keep people paying, praying, and obeying.

Tithing was a big issue for me. Every time I didn't pay it, I felt guilty. I was afraid of the great fire that would burn me. The church uses guilt and fear, all in the name of god, to keep the money flowing and the members doing anything they want. It's all about fear. I'm not afraid anymore.

Just another evil apostate...


Paul Manning said...

Hey Joe

good to hear you have kept your sanity. I stay in the church because its the best representative of reality. Check out emmanual swedenborg who I think knows alot as well

Mormon411 said...

What is reality? Is it seeing things as we wish them to be? Or is it seeing things as they are? I would argue for the latter, and since the evidence against the church is overwhelming, then it is NOT reality.