Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today we went to a dinner celebration for some Catholic saint. We were a little late and walked into a prayer session (everyone was holding a prayer book and reciting out of it). It was odd. First of all, reciting a prayer out of a book makes the prayer meaningless. If there is a specific sequence of words that god wants you to say, why isn't it in the Bible?

As we sat there and listened, it sounded very chant like. Very cultish.

Any organization that teaches that they are the best, established by god himself, is a cult. Hmm. Doesn't that sound like the United States? Whenever we are at war, we always say stuff like "God bless America." It's like Americans want god to protect us, but he wants us to kick everyone elses ass. That is an extremely unChristian attitude. God doesn't love other people from other countries. If you're going to say "God bless America," you might as well be saying, "God curse all other countries." What we should be saying is, "God bless the world." Although I believe god is a fictional character, at least it doesn't make people sound like huge fucking hypocrites!

America is a giant fucking cult. People are running around brainwashed thinking they are free and thinking that god blesses America and curses every other country in the world. If god is so much on our side, why do American soldiers get killed every day? If god is on our side, why did he allow the events on September 11 to occur?

Frankly, I'm shocked to see so much hatred in the world. How come we always pray for the families of fallen American soldiers, but we never pray for the families of fallen enemy soldiers? America is a Christian nation and doesn't the Bible teach that we would love our enemies and do good to those who despitefully use us?

I mean, I thought god loves all people equally. But most Americans think that god only mourns an American death. Wake up people! You are all living in a delusion that god want us to win and kick everyone elses ass!

Even though America has enemies around the world, do not the enemy soldiers who serve their respective countries have families and loved ones too?

America thinks god is on their side. Osama Bin Laden thinks Allah is on his side. Wake up, people of the world. You are all a bunch of fucking hypocrites! All religions teach peace and kindness and yet you all think god is so happy for you when you kill a whole bunch of your enemies. FUCKING HYPOCRITES!!!

Wake up people and stop serving this "god" who loves war and destruction. If there is a god, he hates war and he cries each time he receives a prayer to "protect ours and kill theirs".

The bottom line is that god doesn't give a shit who wins any war. If he did, he could just make all of the enemy soldiers drop dead. That would give his "chosen people" a quick and easy victory. But god doesn't interfere in human affairs because "god" is just a man made being and all the cults of the world think their god is the true one. Forget about your damn gods and start thinking about humanity!

God doesn't interfere because there is no god. If there was, it would be pretty obvious. When I look at the world, all I see are events taking their course. Some are sad, some are good. God does nothing to prevent sad or promote good. Those things just happen.

It's too bad that the entire population of the world is fooled into worshiping some imaginary god in the sky who they have never met or seen or heard.

Just another evil apostate...

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