Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Am Now Full Of Hate

That's right! It's official! In response to my last post entitled, "Is There An Afterlife?", an annonymous commenter left the following:

"It's sad to see how much hate has built up inside of you. So much so that it has taken over your entire life. Are you really happy? Do you really feel like you are doind "good" or "helping someone"? It just sounds like you're a hateful bitter human being who is now waisting all of their time spewing hate. Don't bother rebutting because I won't ever be here again."

This person isn't coming back. Isn't that too bad? because I am going to bash the hell out of him!

Wow, this guy really knows me well, doesn't he? "it has taken over your entire life." That's right, anon, I just sit here in front of my computer red-faced and pissed off all the time. I am completely unproductive because all I can think about is how much I hate everything.

A few posts back, I stated that the more a religion believes they have the only truth, the more intolerant they become. This person is stating his intolerance with me, simply because I choose to no longer believe in Mormonism. He accuses me of being a "hate spewing" individual simply because I no longer walk the LDS path and because I no longer believe in his god.

I challenge anyone so show me one item of hate I have posted on this blog, anywhere. This person is simply stating how ignorant he is by buying into the churches propaganda that all who leave the church are filled with hate and anger. It is glaringly obvious that this person bites hook, line, and sinker every word that "spews" from downtown SLC.

I have news for you, anon. I am around true believing Mormons every single day, and not one of them has detected my evilness and hatefulness. In fact, they all assume that I am Mormon and still a believer! What happened to the warning spirit that a son of perdition is just a few feet away? I don't decieve or lie to them. I just act like myself and they all think I'm Mormon. Just imagine that!

But the leaders of your cult have spoken it, and since they are never wrong it means that I just sit here and type lie after lie after lie. The only way I can feel any type of self accomplishment is to sit here in my hate and write lies, lies, lies. You are truly an ignorant person.

This blog is full of common sense and, in some cases, out right proof that the church is not true. This person, or any TBM thus far, has not addressed a single one of those issues. They just come in here with their holier-than-thou guns blazing, calling me names and bearing their testimonies to me. If I'm so wrong and so full of lies, why don't any of you dispute me?

I mean, really! I write a post just musing about the possibility of an after life and some TBM asshole comes marching in telling me I am a "hateful bitter human being". Excuse me, anon, but who died and made you the judge? Even IF your claim against me is true, you are still a hypocrite for judging me, since the scriptures forbid it. Didn't Jesus say to love your enemies? I mean, I sit here and write words on a little blog and you damn me to hell for it. Jesus got nailed to a cross and he frankly forgave those who did it to him. You sure are some follower! Did Jesus say, "whatever you see me do, you must do the opposite?" He must have because that's what you're doing!

So pull the beam out of your own eye and practice what you profess to believe! I dare say it is you who is full of hate, since you have no tolerance for anyone who doesn't believe exactly what you do. You see, people, this is the fruits of Mormonism: people who are intolerant, judgmental, and ignorant know-it-all's.

St. Matthew 7:1-2

1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Thank you, anon, for showing the entire world just how ignorant you really are! If I had left a comment like yours, I would have kept myself annonymous too!

Just another evil apostate...

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