Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Spirit: A Follow Up

It is necessary to continue my discussion about "the Spirit" because the last post only covers one aspect of the Mormons "constant companion". This time, we are going to talk about the whole thing.

The first degree of guidance from the holy ghost is known as "the light of Christ". All people, no matter how evil or righteous have this. It is guidance from the spirit to a small degree. (This is how a TBM will try to justify my speeding ticket experience). From time to time, when it is really super necessary, the spirit will give promptings and feelings to anyone who needs it. A great example is an investigator of the LDS church. It works like this:

Obviously, this investigator does not have the constant companionship of the holy ghost, like the missionaries who are teaching him do. However this person has the "light of Christ" which means that occassionally they can feel the spirit. One of these times, without fail, is when the investigator is receiving lessons from the missionaries. After the lesson, it is normal for missionaries to ask the victim how they are feeling. Usually, the person will answer that they feel good. The missionaries will then tell that person that the good feeling they have is the holy ghost testifying of truth.

Of course, we who know the real truth about Mormonism know that this is nothing more than a huge manipulation scheme. Who are the missionaries to tell this person what they are feeling and what it means?

So this light of Christ is available to everyone, but it's main purpose is to convince people to join the only true church. Oh, and help evil apostates avoid getting speeding tickets!

Then comes the next step. If that investigator buys into everything, he will be baptized. When a person is baptized, they are immediately afterwards given "the gift of the holy ghost". It is no longer a random feeling. Now they can experience it constantly to guide them through the rest of their lives. From here on out, they should never make a wrong decision again, because of the mighty and awesome power of this amazing gift.

It is bestowed upon a person in the following manner: the person receiving sits on a chair and is surrounded by several (at least two) priesthood holders. If there are only two, they place both their hands on the person's head. If there are several, they place their right hand on the persons head, and their left hand on the right shoulder of the person on their immediate left, forming a circle around the person.

One of the priesthood holders will pronounce a blessing in which they are required to call the reciepient by their full name, state the authority of the priesthood, and bestow the gift of the holy ghost. They may then go on to pronounce other blessings as they see fit. It would usually sound something like this:

"Brother or sister so and so, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek priesthood, which we hold, we lay our hands upon your head to confirm you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we say unto you, RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST. ETC."

This person now has the constant companionship of the holy ghost. If they obey all the commandments and follow all the rules, it will always be with them. If they sin or disobey a commandment, the spirit will be offended and it will withdraw itself. Only by repenting of that sin can the spirit return. Members of the only true church truly believe they have some special spook that is guiding them through their lives.

If you go to a Mormon Fast and Testimony meeting, you will undoubtedly hear someone tell a story about how the spirit saved them from something. They will be sobbing and full of tears as they blubber, "I know it's true".

So to get back to my post about an evil apostate feeling the spirit, Mormons will justify my having followed it by claiming that I used my "light of Christ" spirit. This, of course, contradicts everything they teach about it. Since I am an apostate, all light has withdrawn from me. In fact, according to Boyd K. Packer, "not only is there an absence of light, but a presence of darkness." An apostate from the lord's only true church loses all their blessings and abilities, including the ability to feel the spirit to any degree.

Even the Book of Mormon talks about those who fall away, stating that even if the spirit does prompt them, they are beyond feeling. Since this is me to a tee, why was I able to feel it just fine, then? 1 Nephi 17:45

...he hath spoken unto you in a still small voice, but ye were past feeling, that ye could not feel his words...

This just goes to show that, once again, no matter what happens, the church is true. If an apostate gets in a car wreck and dies, it was because the spirit couldn't warn him of danger. If that apostate does feel the spirit and gets saved, it was because of "the light of Christ" that is in everyone. If a righteous Mormon dies in a car wreck, it was meant to be; they have a job to do on the other side. If the Mormon avoids the car wreck, the spirit was protecting them. So can't you see that no matter what happens, the church is true? Isn't it wonderful?

If the spirit works for a Mormon, the church is true.

If the spirit doesn't work for a Mormon, then either, 1) that Mormon didn't follow the prompting, 2) that Mormon wasn't worthy to receive guidance, or 3) they had to make that decision on their own. No matter what, the church is true.

If the spirit works for an apostate, it was the light of Christ and the church is true.

If the spirit doesn't work for an apostate, WE TOLD YOU SO! and the church is true.

God, it makes me sick. How come these people are so blinded that they can't see that it only randomly works and half the time is wrong anyway?


Just another evil apostate...

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