Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mormons and Polygamy Today

When people hear the word "Mormon" they automatically think of "polygamy". The two can never be separated. No matter how much the church denies it today, they do and did practice it. I have seen it first hand.

I know a person who's father has been married three times. All three wives have been sealed to him in the temple and this person's TBM father is seriously counting on being with three women in the next life (and any more he might score before then). His first two marriages ended because the wives died. Therefore, all three marriages are still in place because they were performed in the temple.

Now the LDS church today will come out and declare that they no longer believe in polygamy. And yet they absolutely do. While a Mormon man today is not married to two LIVING women at a time, they do believe that a sealing lasts forever, beyond this mortal life. Therefore, if a person is sealed to three different women, he is married to three different women, alive or dead.

Mormons will outwardly deny that they believe in polygamy. The church now tries to distance itself away from it, and yet it is the foundation of Mormonism. They do believe it. They believe that someday god will re-instate it.

Now, other than the variety in sexual partners, why would anyone want to be married to more than one woman? Most men can hardly handle one! I for one would never want two wives!

The LDS church believes in polygamy. They do practice it to this very day, no matter how much they try to deny it.


Seth R. said...

The Church says we no longer PRACTICE polygamy.

Of course we still believe in it. The official Church has never said otherwise.

So what?

For clarification, "polygamy" is not the most accurate term. Here are some definitions:

Polygyny = one man, more than one wife

Polyandry = one woman, more than one husband

Polygamy = BOTH polygyny and polyandry

Polyamory = free love relationships in general.

In think, based on D&C 132, there is a good case to be made for both polyandry and polygyny in the hereafter. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I assume you do?

Paul Manning said...

Hey Joey

you are right and I agree; take my wife (please) one is more than enough. maybe there may be virtual reality in next life to satisfy the desire for a variety of woman as in billy idol's flesh for fantasy masterpeice.

If I am not delusional (big if) we can discuss in the next life. maybe we might scrape into the telestial kingddom and wax lyrical about our earthly dillusions

Mormon411 said...

Seth, I don't disagree with you on that one. However, the church has worked very hard to distance itself from the practice, letting other LDS branches who still practice it take the heat from the media.

They might not practice it with more than one living spouse, but as I have shown, they do practice it with dead ones. Not really much of a difference, giving the LDS's view on death and eternal marriages.

To quote the late Gordon B. Hinckley, "So what?"


Welcome to the blog. Judging from the amounts of comments you left, I would guess that you came across this blog and stayed up all night reading it.

Someday I would every much like to visit the UK. I'll be happy to take your wife, at least for the weekend! LOL

Seth R. said...

Oh, I agree.

Theologically, I don't see any difference. I just don't see a problem with the idea of polygamy in the hereafter. The human heart, I assume, is large enough for more than one person. And I find the idea that a person would be forced to choose between two beloved husbands (or wives) to be a bit unkind.

I see the mortal practice of polygamy to be rather problematic given human insecurities. But in the Celestial Kingdom - go for it, says I.