Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Just So Absurd

The more I think about Mormonism and am around people who believe it, the more I can't believe that I ever did. It's so absurd!

Prayer: Whether spoken or said in private, what good will praying do? First of all, you're just saying words and the idea that a god who lives millions of light years away can actually hear you is stupid. I can't even hear what is going on in the house next door. Secondly, if god's will is god's will, then no amount of praying in the world is going to change that. If praying changed god's will, then what would be the purpose of an all knowing god? Bottom line, praying does no good, and even if there is a god, praying won't change his will. So what's the point?

Temple: Anyone who has been to the temple AND is honest about it will say that it was wierd. Mormons believe that it is their duty to preform several ordinances for every single person who has lived or will live on this earth IF they didn't get the chance to do it for themselves. How many people is that? I don't know, but I am sure that it is an insane amount of people. Knock yourself out, Mormons. I'm just glad that I finally realized that I no longer have to participate in that crap!

We are spirit children of god: if god produced our spirits sexually before we were produced physically, then how many times has god had sex? With the number of people that are born everyday, god must not have time to do anything else. He's up there in heaven with his 3,000,000 wives and all he does all day long is take turns on each one to pop out a little spirit baby. No wonder god really doesn't ever seem to be there... he's constantly in the sack! Building off of that, how does god have the time to produce thousands of spirit children every day, answer every single prayer ever said, create worlds, etc. God is busier than hell!

Tithing: This is one of the most obvious. The scriptures (Bible and Book of Mormon) are very clear that the gospel is totally free. Besides, god is god, right? Does he really need your money? Is god such an asshole that if you fed your family rather than pay him then he'll deny you your temple recommend (which will have everlasting consequences). If Jesus could feed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread, then does he really need your money? Especially since his only true church is swimming in money, does god need more and more and more? Jesus had no church building... he didn't even have a pillow to lay on... so why would he suddenly demand that you pay, pay, pay? Why would Jesus have his only true church build a shopping mall? The Mormon Jesus is a freaking business tycoon!

I just sit here and laugh at the nonsense I used to believe. To a Mormon, if you can't understand something now (like all the questions I have just asked) then they simply state that we can't understand all of gods ways, and besides, is it really pertanant to our salvation?

COP OUT! In Mormonism, the obvious contradictions are brushed off as being unimportant. The only important thing is that you stay strong and keep paying! Just do that and you'll be fine. Amazing that thinking is so blatently discouraged. Any answer will do, even if that answer is, "Doesn't matter."

Think, people! Just think! That's all I'm asking!


Lyman said...

I think there's a better argument against tithing. The promise in Malachi states that tithe payers will be rewarded by having the windows of heaven opened to them and won't be able to contain the blessing. Church members love to tell stories about little blessings they've received for paying their god tax, but you never hear anyone say that they've run out of room in their backyard to bury the loot God's sending them. They interpret the first part of the verse as a literal mandate (10% to God) and the second part figuratively. It's intellectually bankrupt. That's assuming that one actually believes in the bible in the first place...

Mormon411 said...

Thank you, Lyman. I've actually address that very issue in past posts, but it really is true. I personally know LDS people who faithfully pay their tithing and are on the verge of losing their home. What happened to all these blessings?

In fact, I challenged a TBM one time to tell me JUST ONE THING that they had received as a direct result of paying tithing that they would not have received otherwise. They couldn't.

Read the writing on the wall people!

Anonymous said...

One things I have to say and would love for you to touch on is the Baptisms for the dead. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I swear if anyone does that to me when I pass I will haunt them. Grr it makes me so mad. especially when i hear in a fake high pitched voice " I get to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead"

Mormon411 said...

Yea, I'll write something about that soon. Just imagine how insulted a Mormon would be if the Catholics started baptizing their dead ancestors. They'd have a cow!