Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sex in the Movies

The other night I went to spend some time with some TBM family members. They have quite the collection of DVD movies and proudly boast that none of them are rated R or have any sexual content. Wow! It's like a Celestial Blockbuster!

However, this collection of movies does have swearing, killing, smoking, drinking (alcohol and coffee), and other items that LDS people might find offensive.

So it just leaves me wondering... why do they feel the need to get rid of any movie that contains sex but it's okay to watch killing, swearing, etc? I mean, really, if you're going to edit your movie collection so that your sensitive little Mormon standards aren't threatened, then why do you keep movies in your collection that have other "offensive" content? Why only edit out the sex? Besides, this couple I visited are a couple, meaning that they have sex. Why is it that two consenting adults who are having sex with each other are so offended at the very idea that a movie might show a pair of titties or have a sex scene?

It seems like a tremendous double standard to me. It's okay to watch people getting shot and killed, but it's not okay to watch two people expressing their love for each other? I mean, if you're going to so proudly edit your movie collection, then why only sex? Why not murder, violence, drugs, drinking, and smoking too? These things are equally as offensive to Mormons as sex, so why are they okay to leave in your movie collection?

It seriously baffles me. Why can't they see the obvious contradiction?


Anonymous said...

Though I agree that the couple aren't thinking everything all the way through, I don't think you can blame this on their religion. I have known many people to hold some standards much like these (and some worse) without any of them being religious. On the other side, I have known a couple that let their 5 year old son watch full blown porno's. I'm sure you'll agree that's going a bit too far. Where exactly do you see the line?

Mormon411 said...

In this particular case, I think I can safely assume that it is related to religion. The LDS church highly recommends that it's members not watch anything rated R or worse. I know them pretty well and they are definitely staunch LDS.

I do agree, full blown porno's at age five is a bit much. Personally, however, I don't think we should hide sex or nudity from our children. That's not good either. If we're watching a movie and my young child happens to see a topless girl, well, its a fact of life that girls have breasts and so why should I hide it?

Or if I'm walking to my bedroom from the shower, I don't feel the need to hide my nudity from my kid. On the other hand, I don't flaut myself or run around the house nude all day either.

I just don't feel that I should teach my children to be ashamed of what they are. And the more we hide the facts of life from our children, the more they grow up curious about it. This could lead to obsession and that could lead to worse things.

The exact line is hard to define, but its somewhere in that general neighborhood.