Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Life With the Mormons the Last Few Weeks

Hey there, I'm back. The holidays are busy and I'm just getting over the flu bug. Also needed to take some time off to prepare for finals.

I had a rather interesting thing happen over my break. But first a little background...

I took off my holy temple garments in the summer of 2006, never to wear them again. Now most of my family knows that I don't go to church anymore and I've known that they are all very curious as to whether or not I still wear my garments. Of course, I don't but I wear a white tee shirt under my clothes and to the innocent, it looks like a garment top. I did it that way just to keep them guessing...

But anyway, a close TBM relative of mine recently spent the night at our house and she offered to give me a back rub. Nothing harmful about that, right? So I thought.

As the back rub progressed, I noticed that she was checking the tag on my tee shirt to see if it was a garment or not. How violating! It really pissed me off. What business is it of hers or anyones what underwear I am wearing? I can't even describe how violated it made me feel. Who appointed her the holy judge to make sure I am wearing god's prescribed underwear?

This particular relative recently went to the temple for the first time not too long ago and she is very proud that she now belongs to club elite. All she talks about is temple and garments. Like I've talked about before, it's a social status here in Utah and she is so proud that's she has finally joined the ranks of the elite.

I don't wear garments anymore and I'm damn proud of it!!! The shackles of Mormonism are gone. I no longer have to worry if every little thing I do is a sin or not. I don't have to account my life to some fat bishop. I don't have to worry about the 1001 commandments that all need to be fulfilled each and every month. All that nonsense is behind me.

If you want to know if I'm wearing garments or not, just ask. But to offer me a back rub and then check my tags... what an insult.

On another note...

I was recently assigned a home teacher. I know because the last few days of November the guy called me like 6 times to try and schedule a visit. Now, does he really "love" me or is he just trying to get his numbers? Last few days of the month... hmmm, I've been put off till the very end. I'm just a number to him and although he calls and leaves nice sounding messages, his actions speak volumes.

Now is it really necessary to call me that many times? If I don't return your call, then that should be a pretty strong hint as to my desire to have you bring your Mormon nonsense into my home. One night I believe they even tried dropping by. I didn't answer the door though. It's a good thing he called me to warn me first.

And the thing about it that really gets me is the fact that at one point I wrote a letter to my bishop and asked him to please not contact me. Now, against my direct request, they have assigned me home teachers when I clearly don't want them. It looks like I'm going to have to write another letter, not that it will do any good.

You see, I'm damned and only their efforts can save me. Therefore, my request to be left alone is totally ignored as my salvation is at risk and only they can save me. So in their eyes, it doesn't really matter what my request is. They will keep coming and coming and coming.

Damn Mormons


Anonymous said...

I thought if you resigned from the organization they don't assign you a home teacher. Or are you still a member?

Mormon411 said...

Hi Jessica,

I have not yet officially resigned from the church for personal reasons which I can't divulge right now. But even then, I suspect that if I had removed my name, they would still try to send HT's to visit my wife. So, unfortunately, yes, at this point I am still officially a member.

Mormon411 said...

By the way, Jessica, you have a great blog! Would you consider exchanging links with me?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe! :)

I think I had better not add your blog as a link on mine seeing as how the title of my blog does say "respectful" conversations. You and I both know your blog is anything but that! :)

Also, we have different goals as I am seeking to promote faith in the Bible and the God of the Bible. Your blog, in addition to refuting the false doctrines of Mormonism, extends beyond that to mocking the God of the Bible as well. This is a serious difference we have.

I do feel I can learn from your knowledge of Mormon beliefs, practices, and culture, though, and you are welcome to comment on my blog ("respectfully") so that way people can link back to your blog from the link in your name.

I do hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! :)