Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Character of Joseph Smith in Question

I ended my last post stating some pretty negative things about Joseph Smith. For those who still think the guy was an honorable man and a true prophet, let's take a look at what history says about the guy.

Money. Did you know that Joseph Smith tried to sell the copyright to the Book of Mormon under divine guidance? It didn't sell. God must have screwed that one up.

Pussy. Did you know that Joseph Smith promised salvation to an entire family in exchange for permission to marry their underage daughter? If the family refused, they were all threatened with going to hell.

Pussy. Did you know that Joseph Smith sent many of his faithful followers away on missions and then married their wives to himself?

Did you know that Joseph Smith was practicing polygamy for many years behind Emma's back? When she found out about it, she was very unhappy. "The Lord" warned Emma in the D&C to support Joe or she would be destroyed.

Money. Did you know that Joseph Smith started an illegal bank and defrauded several investor out of their money? He was forced to flee from Illinois under cover of darkness because the men he defrauded were very angry with him.

You know that Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered. But do you know why? Several of the men in the mob were part of Joseph's following. Why would his own followers do that to him? Because he was doinking their daughters.

Did you know that court records prove that Joseph Smith plead guilty to fraud for money digging using his magic stones (which would later be called "The Urim and Thummim") 18 months before he got the supposed gold plates? Wait a minute... didn't he find those stones buried with the gold plates?

Did you know that Joseph Smith smoked and drank after he had issued the Word of Wisdom? Did you know that he removed his garments before going to Carthage Jail and instructed those with him to do the same?

Did you know that during the attack on Carthage Jail, Joseph Smith had a gun with which he managed to kill two of his attackers before they killed him?

Did you know that Joseph Smith was a mason and that he plagerized the masonic ritual into his temple ceremony?

Did you know that Joseph Smith plagerized the Mormon concept of the afterlife (spirit paradise, spirit prison, Celestial, Terresterial, and Telestial Kingdoms) from a book that was published during that time?

That is what history says about Joseph Smith. Now take the Book of Abraham issue along with all the other issues and what do you have?

A guy who was a fraud, con, and sexual predator. A church that is built on a foundation of lies, plagerism, fraud, sex, and deceit.


elderwesto said...
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elderwesto said...

I always think there are two ways to approach a question.

The easy way consists of generalization using my opinion or belief as fact.

I have been guilty of this many, many times.

The hard way is to weight both sides of the discussion using only facts.

This is extremely hard as you can't make assumptions when you don't have facts to fill in the missing pieces.

You either have to become a researcher at that point or leave it alone citing that you don't understand. But you can't claim you know the thing as if you were an expert.

You make good points. I learned a lot by reading them and reviewing what researchers have said using the data available. I really appreciate you putting your opinion out there.

But I would recommend that you may want to balance your feedback as it appears to make you guilty of 'The Guru Mentality' as if you are the reliable source.

I would recommend a change on this post as it could be taken in the wrong way and make you sound like a hypocrite by trashing Joseph Smith for the beliefs he taught while you are teaching your beliefs which people can not confirm the truth of until after death as as 'ultimate truth'.

Instead, I recommend you could take a more balanced tone stating that they are your concerns and they led you to realize you had a different belief system and that you recommend others to evaluate their beliefs which I think is the point of the blog.

Good luck in your journey to find the truth that makes you happy and I wish you the best.