Friday, April 17, 2009

Faith in a Fairy Tale

I am an atheist and goddamn proud of it!

For years I was brought up, like most people, in a religion that teaches fairy tales. There is no truth to these stories or beliefs at all and the amazing thing is that religious people will actually admit to you that they have no proof of them. That's why it's called religion: because you have to accept it on faith.

Isn't that a stupid thing to do?

Okay, I could see accepting something on faith if it had a good probability of being true. Religion not only expects you to take their "truths" on faith, but to do so in spite of tremendous evidence that it is not true.

Come on people! Where are your brains?

Richard Dawkins in his wonderful book, "The God Delusion", points out the fact that religious people believe that taking something on faith, despite evidence to the contrary, is noble. As a Mormon, I was taught that unquestioning obedience to the "bretheren" was one of the best traits that I could develop.

What? You mean act like a sheep?

If "God" wanted me to follow like a sheep, why did "He" give me brains? Why was I given the ability to think and reason if doing so is such a serious offense to god? Why was I given a penis if sex is such a terrible thing? Why would god make me the way I am and then condemn me on every turn for simply being me?

Only a deluded person would think that.

I used to feel guilty because touching myself felt good. I used to feel guilty for getting aroused by looking at pictures of naked girls. I used to feel horribly guilty for making out with and petting with girls who I was not married to.

Now I regret that I didn't do it more!

If there really is a place called "hell" then the only people who are going there are the people who teach these lies and make people hate themselves for simply being human. Remember, in Christianity, you are born into sin. Just for being born, you deserve to go to hell. I used to buy into all that nonsense, but then...

... I turned on my brain.

There is this invisible guy living in the sky. This guy is constantly watching you, making notes of everything you do. He has 10 rules that you are supposed to obey. If you break any of them, he has arranged a special place for you to go, where you will be tortured and punished for all eternity with no possibility for parole. This person is god and guess what?

He loves you!

God is an awful parent! Would any parent who loves their children punish them FOREVER for simply making a mistake? This "merciful" being will watch you burning in pain forever and do nothing to stop it?

Fuck that god! (This is where I hack up a nice big loogie and spit it right into god's face!)

God is all knowing, right? He always gets his way, right? Well, if god's will is unchangeable, then why bother praying? If someone is sick, god already knows if they are going to get better or die. Since their fate is pre-determined, what makes you think a simple prayer is going to alter the will of the almighty?

Prayer does nothing!

If there is no god, then you are just saying words that bounce off the ceiling and go no further. If there is a god, and his will is unalterable, than your prayer is nothing but a nuisance to god. He's not going to change his mind, so why bother taking the time in the first place?

Stop fooling yourself.

God is supposed to be merciful but I have just showed that he isn't. God is supposed to be loving, but I have just showed that he isn't. What other attributes does god have? All-good and all-powerful? Nope, and I'll show you why.

God sucks.

If god was all good, then he wouldn't break his own commandments. Are we not expressly forbidden to kill? Yes, so why does god think it's okay for him to do it? Since god kills and there is proof in the Bible, then god is not all-good.

Fucking hypocrite!

Is god all powerful? Nope. If you really think about the doctrine, Satan is more powerful than god. Once you are in hell, you're there forever. Even if god wanted to get you out, he can't. Besides, if god is so powerful and the devil is so bad, why doesn't god just say some magic word and make Satan disappear forever? Then everyone would be saved and the whole story would make a lot more sense.

But god is too stupid to think of that.

So it appears that every attribute given to god is actually not true. It really sounds like a made up story, doesn't it? But don't worry, even though it makes no sense at all and is completely absurd, it's noble to keep believing!

Actually, it's insane.

It's all so insane that I can't believe I ever allowed myself to buy it in the first place. It's just like taking the story of Peter Pan and wagering my life savings that it's a true story. If you really stop and think about it, you will see that your religious beliefs are no damn different. There is absolutely no evidence for the existance of god; in fact, there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

So use the brain that "god" gave you!

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