Tuesday, January 5, 2010



If I had just one sentence to describe what I think about it, I would say:

"It reeks of arrogance."

Of course, I'm going to use more than one sentence to describe what I think about it.

First of all, SPAM? Society to Prevent Anti-Mormonism?

In otherwords, your goal is to shut up everyone who disagrees with you. Doesn't that go against our Constitutional right to freedom of speech?

As far as I can tell, Greg West runs this group. At least he is a major contributor. I found this site when he left a comment on one of my posts. I only looked over the site a little. Honestly! But what I did see was extremely bigoted. This man thinks he is the ultimate authority on how ex-Mormons think and feel. He is so wrong that it is offensive. In my last post I briefly mentioned how he is like a Nazi who is an expert on those "angry Jews".

Every post of his that I read is condescending and full of arrogance and self-righteousness. In one post, he takes note that of all the "hate mail" he receives, the most angry is from those loathsome ex-Mormons.

But what does he expect? On his site, he does nothing but trash them. When they respond and tell him to go to hell, he puts up a post saying, "See? I told you they were angry." Guess what, Greg? If you poke a beehive too many times, the bees are going to get mad. You see, you provoke ex-Mormons and then try to make an example of them when they respond to your pokes. You stir the pot and then hold up your hands like you are totally innocent.

I read one article he posted to children and wives of an apostate man. Again, he claims to be the ultimate authority on why people leave the church stating that he has seen it again and again. And guess what that big reason is? They go to college and learn how to think!!!

Let me ask you this, Greg. If Jesus were reading your website, would he approve of it? Did Jesus teach that you are supposed to trash the living hell out of everyone who walks away from him? No!!! In fact, he taught the parable of the 100 sheep. The shepherd who took care of 100 sheep lost one. Did he throw up his hands and say, "Oh well, that was a little evil and angry sheep!"? No, he left the 99 to go search for the one missing.

Does your website reflect the attitude of searching out the lost? No. Your website has the appearance of humbly inviting people back, but demeaning them the whole time they are away. It's like you have the attitude of trashing the living hell out of those who leave and then again, try to make an example of us when we get offended by you and refuse to return.

You create the tension between us and then blame US for being stubborn, prideful, angry, and evil.

I have a neighbor who lives up the street. I don't know him real well, but I do know that he doesn't get along with his next door neighbor. In fact, his neighbor is a real asshole. I won't get into details, but I will say that the man majorly deserves to get his ass kicked.

Now one day, my aquaintance up the street had a birthday party in his backyard and invited me. While we were eating and talking with the other guests, this asshole of a neighbor shows up bringing a case of soda. When my friend snapped at him to get lost, the guy next door tried to act like nothing was wrong.

You see, when no one is looking, he's a fucking prick. When everyone is looking, he's a nice guy. So, when everyone was looking, he came over and offered a gift. Well, his whole plan was to make my friend get agitated in front of everyone to make him look like the jerk. So his plan was to make a peace offering where everyone could see, in an effort, because of past incidences, to make my friend throw a fit in front of everyone.

Well, Greg, you're like that asshole neighbor. You preach all is well and good, but on the inside, you are stirring the pot and getting everybody pissed off. Then you play the innocent card and ask, "What did I do? I offered peace." Yes, you did, but it was right after you got done telling the whole world how evil and horrible we are. You stir the pot and then use our reaction to make your point. That's sick and wrong.

Jesus most certainly would not approve.

It really saddens me that, once again, I, the unbeliever, have to lecture the holier-than-thous about the true message and spirit of Jesus. You are like the person with a beam in your own eye. You are so busy trying to make everyone else perfect that you don't realize that you have your own eyes to worry about. Or do you even understand that parable?

This parable talks about the hypocrites who are trying to make everyone else pay the price for offenses they are guilty of themselves. It's like the adulterer trying to catch his wife cheating on him. The moral of the story is to mind your own damn business and take care of your own problems before you try to solve everyone elses.

So, Greg, in all of your holy glory, why don't you lay off the ex-Mormons. You're so caught up in judgements that you don't even realize that you've become a Pharisee! You know who Jesus despised the most? Hypocrites!

So on your website, you trash ex-Mormons up one side and down the other. Then you respond to my post about "Happy Mormons" and tell all your little cohorts to send me a message telling me how happy they are. But the part that made me laugh was that you actually had to remind them to "be nice". http://spamlds.ning.com/forum/topics/tell-an-exmo-today-that-youre

So you can trash us all day, and then make yourself look like the good guy by reminding everyone to "play nice". That's a hypocrite! Because if you really wanted to play nice, then you wouldn't get on your computer and tell the whole world how evil and angry ex-Mormons are.

SPAMLDS describes itself as "The most despised TBM site on the Internet!"

Now why would that be unless it was full of condescending and arrogant bullshit?

"Truth is not a tactic..."

I've said this before, but I'll say it again, just for you, Greg:

Truth is truth. It does not need to be defended or justified. That being the case, why does the LDS church have people repeat thousands of times, "I know it's true". If it was true, then it wouldn't have to be repeated. It wouldn't have to be force fed. Do I have to repeat "I know the sky is blue" to myself everyday for fear that I might slip into the apostate thinking that the sky is orange? No! Truth is truth and does not need to be rehearsed and reinforced.

But the LDS gospel needs to be rehearsed! If you don't constantly brainwash yourself with "I know, I know, I know" then it leaves. What does (or should) that tell you?

Why don't you read my post entitled "A Balloon With A Hole In It". At the end, I described how a Mormon testimony is like a balloon with a hole in it. If you keep blowing into the balloon, it will stay inflated. But if you stop blowing, it will deflate. A testimony of something that is supposed to be the ultimate truth in the universe should not need constant input in order to stay true. It should stay true on it's own. But since the LDS gospel is so easily deflated, it can't possibly be the truth.

So, Greg, I am sure that you will just use this post for more of your "ex-Mormons are evil propaganda". You'll probably put it up as yet another example of how angry we are. But deep down inside, you'll know that it was you who stirred the pot and pissed off the bees.

You're absolutely right; truth is not a tactic. That's why the LDS church can't possibly be true. They whitewash their history and outright lie about many things. The LDS church doesn't want the world to know the truth. You're just another agent of the LDS church, spreading the lies and stereotypes about ex-Mormons. If the church had any chance of being true, it would not encourage the spread of hate and lies. It would encourage brotherhood between believers and non-believers. But you are a condescending agent of hate and bigotry.

And then you actually wonder why we get pissed off and send you hate-mail!


www.spamlds.org said...

Well, you're the one who asked if Mormons are really happy. I am!

It doesn't sound to me like you're any happier for leaving the Church. In fact, you sound quite hostile.

Thanks for making my case.

Mormon411 said...

Do you see how he arrogantly dismisses everything I said and simply uses it to "prove" his point? Didn't I say he would do that? How am I hostile? I'm simply making the point that you're arrogant and are stirring the pot.

When I actually defend myself from his abusive words, he accuses me of being hostile and unhappy.

So keep up your arrogance because it's pretty obvious that you're not going to change. If you truly wanted ex-Mormons to "come back" you would apologize to them on your website for labeling them as evil, angry, bitter, and full of hate.

So, please, keep doing what you're doing... showing the world the true fruits of Mormonism. Please leave lots of comments so that everyone can see that I'm not just making up "lies".

Mormon411 said...

And over on his site (where he is safe because I can't leave comments there to defend myself) he has put up two links to my posts in order to show everyone how "unhappy" I really am. I have actually put up four posts in response to him and I'm sure that he will list the other two very soon.

Go ahead, Greg, show everyone my response to you because they need to see it.

Mormon411 said...

A person by the name of Sam Rogers left this comment on Gregs website. Again, since I can't reply there, because they censor, I have to respond here.

"I visited the site with in tent of leaving a comment. However, this guy is so irrational, and my arguments were made by many other LDS posts. Athiests I've encountered seem to think they have it all figured out and that faith-believing people are mindless drones. I choose to spend my time more wisely - talking to those who believe but struggle, those who believe in God but are seeking truth, etc. Atheists waste my time."

Please explain to me how I'm irrational? You mean by stating that a virgin can't be pregnant? No, if you believe that, then it is you, my friend, who is irrational. Atheism, in all actuality, is the complete opposite of "irrational".

I don't necessarially think you are a mindless drone... I just think that you could make better use of your gray matter. All you have to do is think and you will see that there is no god, at least not the one described in the Bible.

And you don't think you have it all figured out? It's so ironic that you should say that because you're pretty damn convinced that you've got all the truth. It's like the kettle calling the pot black.

In fact, to an atheist, it's okay to say, "I don't know". It's okay to not have every shred of truth. I've never claimed to know the complete truth; I just know what isn't true (Christianity).

You talk to your imaginary friend and actually think "he" can hear and answer you. And I'm irrational?

Anonymous said...

To Mormon 411:

You should abide in your own words, when you poke a beehive, they will get mad and try to stink you.

Bees go about their business, bothering no one until some mindless person comes along and tries to poke at them because he likes to stir things up. Well, of course the bees will get mad.

That is the real story of many Ex-Mormons and all Anti-Mormons.

It is fair to have your own belief, but it is also fair for others to refute false claims, but it is not fair to be attacked, which is what many Ex-Mormons and all Anti-Mormons have done.

The attack did not begin with Mormons, it began with people like you.

Now in the standard hypocritical manner you and others like you, like to lay false blame for the very thing you do yourself (speaking of you and all like you).

Apparently, your life has not taught you that lesson yet, which is to mind your own backyard before trying to comment about someone else's.

What it really comes down to is this.

No one cares what you do not believe, but they care of what you falsely accuse and claim.

Since we have the right to express our word, so do you, but do not even think that your bigotry (which is what it is) has the right to bash and degrade others.

Learn to express your disbeliefs in a respectable manner.