Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To A Mormon, What Is An Anti-Mormon?

As I've been discussing lately, Greg West spends most of his spare time "exposing anti-Mormonism for what it is: hate."

Because the LDS church is the literal kingdom of god on earth, it must be defended at all costs. Those who speak in opposition to the church are seen as literal agents of Satan.

The LDS church itself has done it's fair share of religion bashing, despite their claims to the contrary. In the Pearl of Great Price, you can read Joseph Smiths own words when he said that none of the churches are true and that their creeds are an abomination to the lord.

So the LDS believe that it is okay to badmouth other churches because they are all supported by the devil. They exist to keep good people away from the real truth.

But anyone who dares speak evil of the lords kingdom on earth is a hater. People who simply publish their findings about real church history are actually promoting hate, at least that's what the LDS think.

Isn't it amazing that anyone who disagrees with the church in any way is accused of being a hater? And the Mormons think that they aren't bigots.

For simply not believing or stating your opinion against the church, you are a hater.

It has nothing to do with presenting the myriad of evidence against it. If you have any evidence against the church, you made it up and are therefore a liar and a hater.

It's no wonder then, that they react so strongly when anyone challenges them. They are the self-righteous bigots holding the trump card and anyone who dares to challenge them will go directly to hell.

Whatever happened to "love your enemy?"

But an anti-Mormon is not your enemy. He is your arch-enemy. An enemy can threaten your physical safety and take your life. An anti-Mormon can threaten your soul. There is no tolerance for such a person. They must be removed from society where they cannot spread their hate and lies.

And why do they do it? For the simple reason that they hate. In fact, even anti-Mormons know the church is true. But they are so full of hate and pride that they have to fight against it.

This is LDS logic.

In the LDS mind, the whole world knows that the church is true. But everyone who does not accept it is just too prideful to admit that his belief system is wrong. Everyone KNOWS it's true. Amazing. Simply amazing!

Even though the true agenda of an "anti-Mormon" is to simply tell the truth about the Mormon church, Mormons see them as literal agents of Satan who are working overtime to steal away as many noble souls as possible to the cause of darkness. Why do they do it? Because they hate and they want everyone else to hate too.

Anti-Mormons are miserable people who know the church is true but fight against it anyway because they can't stop. They have to lie. They are addicted to deception. They are miserable and so want everyone else to be miserable with them. They sin and deny god in order to escape their own anger and guilt.

The Mormons sure have a fucked up view of reality, don't they. Why would anyone fight to tear down a church out of pure hate? They wouldn't. Maybe a very select few here and there would, but they are the very small exception. I blog against the church for the simple reason that it isn't true and deceives millions of people. I have no hate at all. In fact, I love my LDS family, friends, and neighbors. They are good people (and I'm not just saying that, Greg). They really are. They are just deceived by a cult and I am fighting to set them free.

Everything that the LDS church accuses us of being (liars, deceivers, etc.) is what they actually are themselves. I'm not talking about the Mormon people, but the church organization and it's leaders. They have to lie to their members to keep them around. That's pathetic. The LDS corporation is nothing but a pack of money hungry business men who are up to their eyebrows in their own lies.

I just wonder how much longer they can sustain the lie before it all comes crashing down around them...

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