Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Are Mormons So Afraid of A Lie?

I've decided recently that if I come across a real hefty Mormon blogger that I would post a link to their site/blog on my side bar. That way, no one can accuse me of cherry picking. Not only that, but I strongly feel that everyone should hear BOTH sides of the story. If a church investigator found my blog, I would NOT want them to make a decision to not join the church until they have heard the churches version as well.

That is because I truly am pro-truth.

And if an investigator reads my blog and ends up choosing to join the church anyway, then I wish him or her all the best.

I will tell you right now, that TBM's do not share my sense of honor in this matter. If they had their way, they would hack this blog and delete it and let god fry me with a thunder bolt. They, unlike myself, will NOT encourage investigators to hear both sides. They will do anything they can to prevent an investigator from finding a site like mine.

If they have all the truth and if god is on their side, then what the hell are they all so afraid of?

That should tell you something right there. If they are so afraid of the opposition, then what are they hiding? You would think that an organization that claims to have all truth and all power, would actively encourage members and investigators to read and study "anti-Mormon" literature. If it is nothing but lies, then what do they have to fear?

A lot, obviously. Hmmm, maybe they aren't lies afterall...

Oh, by the way, every Mormon blog that I have ever tried commenting on censors. They will either moderate your comment, or delete it shortly after it is posted. Again, I ask, what are you all so afraid of? The only comments I delete here are SPAM. Everyone else has the right to say WHATEVER they want, for or against the church.

If the tactics of anti-Mormons are just to lie, lie, lie, then the pro-Mormon tactics are to sensor, sensor, sensor. They can't prove that our arguments are lies (although in their Mormon minds they think they already have), however, we can prove that they do sensor. How? Leave a comment against the church on any of their blogs and see how long it is before it disappears.

Seriously, though. If all we anti's can do is lie, then what are you afraid of? Why do our lies require you to juggle your beliefs and twist the stories? If our lies are so easily debunked, as you all seem to think, then why do they continue to convince thousands of people each year to leave the church? If we engage in nothing but lies, then why do you even bother to debate with us?

I think the LDS church is shaking in their collective boots.

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